TI LaunchpadLearn how to get started with the TI Microcontroller LaunchPad. You will hear about all you need to start microcontroller development - Hardware and Software.
LaunchPad - Development tools based on TI microcontrollers, including MSP430, Tiva C, Hercules & C2000. They are affordable & include everything you need to start microcontroller development!
BoosterPacks - Modular plug-in modules for the LaunchPad that add new functionality including capacitive touch, wireless, sensors & more.
Intuitive Software - Teach your LaunchPad new tricks using easy-to-use software tools. LaunchPad is supported by a wide range of software tools ranging from beginner-level software to full-featured professional development environments.
Presenter: Stefan Rank
Stefan is the EMEA Marketing Manager, MSP430 MCUs, Texas Instruments GmbH. He covers MSP430 Ultra-Low Power MCUs from Texas Instruments GmbH located in Freising, Germany.