PicoScope 2200 AToday's engineers and technicians face increasingly complex and critical troubleshooting tasks.  Designs that work fine in the lab can sometimes fail in the field, causing customer dissatisfaction, lost production, expensive repair bills and, sometimes, safety concerns.  With the customer impatient to get their system fixed as rapidly as possible there is huge pressure to troubleshoot and fix problems quickly and accurately.  Engineers need lightweight, and compact, but powerful tools to take with them on-site to rapidly identify waveform errors like race conditions, transients, signal aberrations, bus contention problems, etc.
The PicoScope 2200A Series delivers the performance, affordability and portability that enable engineers and technicians to tackle these challenges – quickly and easily.  Matching or exceeding bandwidth and functionality of many laboratory instruments, these pocket-sized oscilloscopes enable users to discover and capture errors fast, and analyze thoroughly to determine the root cause.
This webinar will review some common field-failure examples and show how the PicoScope 2200A can be used to capture and isolate waveform anomalies to identify source of the problems.
Picoscope 2205A Oscilloscope for an opportunity to test-drive and keep a Picoscope 2205A Oscilloscope!
Presenter: Trevor Smith – Business Development Manager at Pico Technology Ltd.
Trevor is responsible for Pico Technology's Test and Measurement business.  A 27-year veteran of the test & measurement industry, Trevor has held various sales and marketing positions in his career.  His experience includes professional sales of semiconductor test systems, modular ATE, general purpose T&M products and software development tools.  Prior to his present role he was Technical Marketing Manager with a global manufacturer, responsible for growth of general purpose and high-performance T&M products in Europe, Middle East & Africa.  Trevor has an HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Letchworth College of Technology, and a Certificate in Industrial Management from University of Bedfordshire.