Elektor LogoIs serious DSP possible without serious math? Yes and this Webinar shows you how, using the Universal DSP Board from Elektor, along with Analog Devices' SigmaStudio (SS) software. We create a simple two-way active audio crossover filter using little more than a few mouse clicks (and drags) and show how much flexibility it brings compared to a hardwired design. Further, we show how the standard analog building blocks in the SS library make it possible to use the Elektor board as a DSP platform to simulate an analog design and realize it in the analog domain (which lots of audiophiles love) if you so desire!
Presenter: Ramkumar Ramaswamy
Ramkumar Ramaswamy has a MSc in Physics and a PhD in Operations Research. Electronics has been Ram's passion since he built his first amp at the age of 12 which delighted him by instantly becoming a MW receiver.