Tektronix LogoIn this webinar, we will highlight key elements of the new Oscilloscope, targeted at Educators and Engineers. We will discuss specific variants of these scopes, features and application software which integrates seamlessly course material created with Tek’s new Course Editor PC software. Together with new elements Educators can create an education ecosystem that addresses many of the pain points currently experienced by Educators in their teaching labs. This webinar will also introduce the new range of efficiency-enhancing applications which have been specifically designed to facilitate the daily workflow of engineers requiring a low-cost but powerful tool for basic waveform visualization. Got you interested? Join our webinar on March 19!
Presenter: Hailey Percival, Technical Marketing Manager EMEA
Hailey has been with Tektronix since July 2011. She originally joined Tektronix as a product marketing manager in the Oscilloscopes Product Line where she managed two of the basic oscilloscope product families. She transitioned to the EMEA Technical Marketing Manager role in April 2013 and recently completed the transition with her move to the UK.
Hailey earned her MBA and Master of Science from Oregon State University, and her Bachelors of Science Degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno.