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Simulink Webinar ImageThis webinar will show you how to use Simulink to program a line-following algorithm on an Arduino-based robot. We will assume that the attendees have watched the introductory webinar on using Simulink to program an Arduino-based robot. The webinar will end with a live QnA session and pointers to tools and resources.
Specific topics covered include:
  • Recap of the introductory webinar
  • Designing a simple bang-bang controller with Simulink
  • Demonstration – Downloading the controller model to Arduino-based robot
  • Conclusion
Presenter: Anuja Apte
Anuja has a masters degree in electrical engineering from WPI and an MBA from Babson College. Over the last ten years Anuja has worked at MathWorks in a number of roles including engineering, product marketing and partner management. A novice to open-source hardware movement, Anuja is interested in seeing how software can play a role in teaching hardware programming to young engineers.
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