From Prototype to ProductElectronic product development is a specialist field. It requires not only a good understanding of the technology - it demands a thorough knowledge of the whole process of taking an electronic design through the various stages and making it available for sale.
This includes the design of the enclosure, making sure that the product can be manufactured economically and that component tolerances have been taken into account.  A good product designer also has to take into account regulatory requirements such as emissions and safety, make sure that the product is documented accurately for production and be confident that it can be easily supported in the field.
This webinar is about turning prototypes into products using many examples of products that I have worked on. In over 35 years in engineering I have been fortunate to be involved in the design and launch of more than 30 different products. I have also worked on a number of other products as a consultant. Many were successful but some did not quite live up to expectations. This webinar attempts to pass on the lessons learnt from all these experiences to a new generation of engineers.
Presenter: Seggy Segaran
Seggy T Segaran has been designing and launching electronic products for more than 35 years. Initially involved with designing telephones for British Telecom he moved to the design of alarm telephones for the elderly at Tunstall Telecom. In 1988 he set up his own company Tele-Products, designing and manufacturing various test instruments.
After 25 years at the helm of the company, Seggy has moved to a part time position at his company leaving time for developing educational and hobbyist products at SF Innovations. In the last 12 months he has launched a number of add on boards for the Raspberry Pi GPIO.