Elektor LogoFor the average Embedded software person it's quite painful to create (or let others create) prototyping hardware in order to write software which talks to sensors and actuators. On the one hand it's quite straightforward to build up some hardware and write test software with libraries available for the Arduino UNO, on the other hand it's not that easy to do the same thing "right" in Embedded Linux. Wouldn't it be nice to reuse this tested hardware prototype and write code for Embedded Linux to talk to it? I intentionally don't want to use Arduino wrapping libraries on Linux since those are typically not industrial strength, but targeted towards hobbyists. This is what's going to be presented here. BTW the prototyping hardware is not only able to convert signal levels from an Arduino UNO (shield) to a Beagle Bone, but also to convert signal levels from a Beagle Bone (cape) to an Arduino UNO if that's needed.
Presenter: Robert Berger
Robert Berger is a highly respected and experienced embedded real-time expert and CEO of Reliable Embedded Systems [1], a leading embedded training consultancy. Robert consults and trains people all over the globe on a mission to help them create better embedded software. He specializes in training and consulting for embedded systems, from small real-time systems to multi-core embedded Linux.