imageThe MGC3130 is a multi award winning 3D Gesture Controller based on Microchip's patented GestIC® technology. Using E-Field the MGC3130 provides pre-categorised gestures and X/Y/Z  positional data which is available via I2C to the host . Today’s webinar will explain how the GestIC solution works and how the MGC3130 may be interfaced to various hosts including an 8-Bit PIC® microcontroller and a typical single board computer. Time will be spent looking at the Software Development Kit (SDK) and supporting documentation of the MGC3130 plus we will show how one of  Microchip’s  Field Applications Engineers rapidly built his own sensor electrode and interfaced the MGC3130 to a PIC MCU.
Presenter: Thomas Lindner
Thomas Lindner joined the GestIC Team in Gilching, Germany in 2012. As the head of the Application Engineering team, he is responsible for MGC3130 application development, development tools and all related documentation. He and his team are also in charge of the GestIC technical support for Microchip FAEs, Distributors and customers.
RoadTest Plus
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