imageThe concept of wearable technology has been around for decades, however it has often been perceived as a novelty and non-essential. During the early 1980s, the idea of wearing a computer was born. Fast forward to the early 1990s, the hand-held personal digital assistant (PDA) was developed, followed by the smart phone, which was a tremendous achievement, although they are just the beginning of wearable technology. Nike and Apple have developed body physiology wearable monitoring devices, gamers use virtual reality goggles, and Apple’s smartwatch topped the list of cool-wearble items. Until Google Glass was released. Glass, as it’s called, integrates an optical head-mounted display, augmented reality, camera, web access and voice-based interaction. It is a hands-free computer that’s changing how people communicate, capture experiences and experience life.
Among the multitude of uses are schedule setting and tracking, assisting visually-impaired and hard-of-hearing individuals in interacting with their environment, and multimedia entertainment. Arguably, one of the most needed applications for wearable technology is for people who work in hazardous situations. Tech in Systems developed the TG3 software to provide more consistent training than ever before integrated into Glass. Consistent training is crucial for people who work with others, especially in dangerous situations, like in health care, power plants and defense.In this webinar, you will learn why wearable technology is essential for our future and can no longer be reserved for the uber-rich, ultra-techy and few others. You will see examples of its practical application and life-saving potential, and you will leave the seminar in awe of the technology and how it can be applied in both work environments and classrooms.
Presenter: George Gramatikas
George co-founded Turbine Technology Services (TTS) where he served as President and CEO throughout the 1990s and led TTS to prominence as an independent product, service and construction provider. Currently, George Gramatikas serves as an active board member and advisor to TTS, and takes a lead role integrating new technology and new markets into TTS's legacy business.  George has created to be the venue for some of the most exciting new technology his team is developing. In his early career with General Electric, George developed his extensive knowledge of power generating equipment in engineering roles ranging from Mechanical Field Services to Electrical and Startup Engineer and Project Manager. George Gramatikas earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Wentworth Institute of Technology, in Boston, where he was honored with the prestigious Beatty Award. In 2010, George has the honor of induction to University of Central Florida’s Business School Hall of Fame, where he had earned his EMBA. In 2013 George was selected by ASME and presented by Central Florida multi-discipline engineers their Lifetime Achievement in Engineering Award. Today George is an active advocate of entrepreneurship at UCF and the Central Florida business community.