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Bluetooth LE Audio is the next evolution of Bluetooth’s audio capabilities, enhancing the way we communicate and listen to music, as well as giving us new features, such as Broadcast Audio.

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This learning module discusses wearable #biosensor technologies, which can be used to monitor heart rate, body temperature, blood glucose levels, and more.

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What Members Say

I liked very much this small course as it focuses very well almost the entire connectors range in a simple and very understandable way.

 balearicdynamics (NL)

Even after 20 years in engineering, I didn't know a lot of this material. Most of my work has been in consumer/commercial products. Thanks for the education element14!

 pettitda (USA)

Nice refresher of the basics.

 jcimler (USA)

Another great educational offering by element 14! Thank you!

 jkutzsch (USA)

This is a really neat quiz. It was fun

 michaelwylie (USA)

Short and sweet! Loved this course.

 macmonkey (UK)

Good tutorial and a keeper for future reference. Thanks for continuing this (Connectors) series.

 John Wiltrout (USA)

This Essentials Program is a great opportunity. Thanks for the extended education.

 jw0752 (USA)