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Zigbee is an open communication standard developed to enable low latency, low-power, secure, wireless IoT data networks.

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The use of variable frequency drives (VFD) can increase efficiency in motors. Modern VFD algorithms monitor a motor’s load, making adjustments when required.

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What Members Say

I liked very much this small course as it focuses very well almost the entire connectors range in a simple and very understandable way.

 balearicdynamics (NL)

Even after 20 years in engineering, I didn't know a lot of this material. Most of my work has been in consumer/commercial products. Thanks for the education element14!

 pettitda (USA)

Nice refresher of the basics.

 jcimler (USA)

Another great educational offering by element 14! Thank you!

 jkutzsch (USA)

This is a really neat quiz. It was fun

 michaelwylie (USA)

Short and sweet! Loved this course.

 macmonkey (UK)

Good tutorial and a keeper for future reference. Thanks for continuing this (Connectors) series.

 John Wiltrout (USA)

This Essentials Program is a great opportunity. Thanks for the extended education.

 jw0752 (USA)