CAN BUS Analyzer Tool

Manufactured By:Microchip
CAN BUS Analyzer Tool
Part Number:APGDT002

The CAN BUS Analyzer Tool is a simple to use low cost CAN bus monitor which can be used to develop and debug a high speed CAN network. The CAN Analyzer tool supports CAN 2.0b and ISO 11898-2 (high-speed CAN with transmission rates of up to 1 Mbit/s). The tool can be connected to the CAN network using the DB9 connector or through a screw terminal interface.

The toolkit comes with all the hardware and software required to connect a CAN network to a PC. The Graphical User Interface makes it easy to quickly observe and interpret bus traffic. The tool features a broad range of functions which allow it to be used across various market segments including automotive, marine, industrial and medical.

The CAN BUS Analyzer has the standard functionality expected in an industry tool such as trace, transmit, trace filter, log file capability, and group CAN message transmit. All of these features make it a very versatile tool, allowing fast and simple debugging in any high-speed CAN network.

Key Applications: Automotive, Marine, Industrial and Medical


  • Supports CAN 2.0b and ISO11898-2
  • Intuitive PC User Interface for functions such as configuration, trace, transmit, filter, log etc
  • Enhanced features in the PC GUI for Microchip’s PIC microcontroller support such as ECAN register view in the GUI
  • Flexible CAN bus interface options i.e. standard DB9 connector or screw terminals
  • Software control of termination resistance and LED display for status, traffic, BUS error
  • Mini USB Connector
    • This connector provides the CAN BUS Analyzer a communication medium to the PC, but it can also provide a power supply if the external power supply is not plugged into the CAN BUS Analyzer
  • 9-24 Volt power supply connector
    • When powered by the external power supply, the tool can be set up to disconnect from the PC to act as a periodic transmitter for CAN BUS messages. The tool can also be set up to send out a pulse upon reception of certain CAN messages, which is useful during development or debugging issues with an oscilloscope.
  • Termination Resistor (software controllable)
    • The user can turn ON or OFF the 120 ohm CAN bus termination through the PC GUI
  • Status LED
    • Displays the USB status
  • Trigger LED
    • Future functionality
  • CAN Traffic LEDs
    • Shows the actual RX CAN BUS traffic from the high speed transceiver
    • Shows the actual TX CAB BUS traffic from the high speed transceiver
  • CAN BUS Error LED
    • Shows the Error Active (Green), Error Passive (Yellow), Bus Off (Red) state of the CAN BUS Analyzer
  • Direct access to the CAN H and CAN L pin through a screw terminal
    • Allows the user access to the CAN bus for connecting an oscilloscope without having to modify the CAN BUS wire harness
  • Direct access to the CAN TX and CAN RX pins through a screw terminal
    • Allows the user access to the digital side of the CAN BUS transceiver

Ships With

  • CAN BUS Analyzer Hardware
  • CAN BUS Analyzer Software
    • The CAN BUS Analyzer software CD includes three components:
      • Firmware for the PIC18F2550 (Hex File)
      • Firmware for the PIC18F2680 (Hex File)
      • The CAN BUS Analyzer PC GUI
  • USB mini cable to connect the CAN BUS Analyzer to the PC

Required Tools

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