ARM DS-5 Development Studio

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ARM DS-5 Development Studio ARM DS-5 Development Studio
ARM DS-5 Development Studio
ARM DS-5 Development Studio
DS-5 Professional Edition, Node Locked, Perpetual
DS-5 Professional Edition, Node Locked, 1 Year
DS-5 Professional Edition, Node Lock, Perpetual

DS-5 Development Studio is an end-to-end suite of tools for embedded C/C software development on any ARM processor providing everything right from RTL simulations through to native Android app optimization.

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ARM DS-5 Development Studio enables developers to get the best from their ARM processor based systems. Whether you are developing your own SoC, or using an off-the-shelf device, DS-5 supports your design process and bring-up right from RTL simulation to native Android app optimization.

With a powerful Eclipse-based IDE, comprising C/C editor, ARM Compiler 5 or 6 (Ultimate edition only), DS-5 Debugger and Streamline performance analyzer, DS-5 enables you to develop software for ARM processors, ranging from bare-metal, RTOS, Linux and upto Android.

Available in 2 editions:

  • DS-5 Ultimate edition - supporting all ARM processors including the 64-bit ARMv8 architecture and
  • DS-5 Professional edition - supporting all ARM processors upto 32-bit ARMv7 architecture.

Also available as customized editions:

  • DS-5 NXP Vybrid Edition: for development on NXP Vybrid family devices and includes a trial of ARM Compiler 5
  • DS-5 Renesas Edition: supports Renesas RZ/A1 MPUs and includes a trial of ARM Compiler 5

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Dual core 2 GHz processor (or equivalent)
  • 2GB of RAM (>4GB of RAM recommended)
  • ~3 GB hard disk space

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 7 Professional SP1, Windows 7 Enterprise SP1, Windows Server 2012 (ARM Compiler 5 and 6 toolchains only), Windows Server 2008 R2 (ARM Compiler 5 toolchain only), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Desktop and Workstation, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Workstation, Ubuntu Desktop Edition 12.04 LTS, Ubuntu Desktop Edition 14.04 LTS (64-bit).


DS-5 is available in various licensing options:

  • Node-Locked : License locked to a single machine on which MDK is installed.
  • Floating : Suitable for a client-server based topology.
  • All the above licenses are available either as a download or can be shipped as a DVD.
  • 1 year term locked or Perpetual options.
  • All new licenses are entitled to 1 year FREE Support & Maintenance from the date of activation of the license.
  • Combo licenses available for DS-5 and RVDS 4.1 products.
  • Bundle kits available for DSTREAM debugger & Node locked/Floating DS-5 PRO edition.

Please get in touch with our applications enigneering team using the "Request Technical Consultancy" link above to know more about upgrades, Support & Maintenance pacakges or re-hosts.


Common features across all editions:

  • Support for all ARMv7 processors.
  • Integration with the industry-standard Eclipse IDE, which provides a large ecosystem of 3rd party plug-ins.
  • Flexible C/C editor and project manager.
  • Powerful C/C compilation tools.
  • Debugger supports all phases of development from bootloader to application including kernel and user space.
  • Application rewind (user space applications only).
  • Streamline Performance Analyzer provides system-wide profiling based on performance counters.
  • Instant correlation of performance-bottlenecks (e.g. cache misses, interrupts) and software execution.
  • Fast simulator for ARM software development on the host computer with typical speeds above 250 MHz.
  • Support and maintenance contract for one year.

DS-5 Ultimate Edition includes the following component tools:

ARM Compiler 6

ARM compiler 6 is highly optimized for ARMv8 architecture. Based on the modern LLVM compiler coupled together with ARM C libraries to give you performance and power optimized embedded software for any ARM architecuture based processors.

DS-5 Debugger

Whether it’s a Cortex®-M3 or multicore Cortex-A15 SoC, DS-5 gives you high-performance debug and trace tools that help you analyze and fix bugs. For complete system visibility, trace can be collected via DSTREAM, the ARM JTAG debug probe. Linux (kernel and user space) and Android debugging is supported with GDB integration, whilst Application Rewind helps you debug code in reverse, to find bugs after your program has crashed. Many off-the-shelf processors and development boards are supported in DS-5, meaning you can plug in and debug without needing to do any complex configuration.

Streamline Performance Analyzer

Building on low-intrusiveness sampling technology, Streamline features an industry leading graphical interface that presents information ranging from system-wide performance counters to hotspots in the source code, making it easy for developers to identify performance bottlenecks, multi-threading issues and general inefficient resource usage. From a high-level system wide view, you can drill down to individual functions and lines of source code, to identify exactly where your CPU is spending time.

Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs)

FVPs are a programmer’s model of a complete ARM system, making it possible to develop software for ARM without using a development board. DS-5 Ultimate includes a Cortex-A8, a quad-core Cortex-A9 along with a 64-bit ARMv8 FVP for bare-metal, kernel and application development along with a wide range of examples. FVP's are used when the hardware is not present.

DS-5 Professional edition has most of the features of the Ultimate edition except that it does NOT support the 64-bit ARMv8 based architetures and uses the ARM Compiler 5 instead of the LLVM based ARM Compiler 6.

Required Tools

Accessory Tools




Which devices are supported in DS-5?

Over 100 devices are supported out-of-box with DS-5. For a complete list : Click here

I cannot find support for my device. Can you help?

Though ALL MPU's are not supported out-of-box, you can create custom device configurations easily. You can refer this link for a full list of supported cores. If you are using an MPU based on one of the cores in the list, then you can create support for your device. Please refer to this link for steps to add a new platform to your existing DS-5 installation.

I cannot get Streamline working with my target. Can you help?

Streamline requires gator to be presnet as part of the LINUX running on the target. For steps to get started with building and using the gator module, please refer the link: Target Setup for Streamline