PM3 ICSP RJ11 Adapter

Manufactured By:Microchip
PM3 ICSP RJ11 Adapter
Part Number:AC164111

The AC164111 is a adapter designed to accommodate the transition from development to a production environment seamlessly. The adapter plugs into the 14-pin ICSP Insulation Displacement header on the MPLAB PM3 Programmer and provides an interface to which an RJ11 cable assembly (which is common to debugging environments) can be used.

The RJ11 interface is the de-facto standard on most Microchip demonstration boards. Additionally, the adapter facilitates automation and program sequencing by providing a header footprint with PASS/FAIL and GO signals and LED indicators useful to programming line operators.


  • MPLAB PM3 to ICD Adapter
  • Plugs into the 14-pin ICSP connector
  • Momentary ON Push Button to start programming

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  • Adapter

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