Evaluation Kit for RN52 Bluetooth Audio

Manufactured By:Microchip
Evaluation Kit for RN52 Bluetooth Audio Evaluation Kit for RN52 Bluetooth Audio
Evaluation Kit for RN52 Bluetooth Audio
Evaluation Kit for RN52 Bluetooth Audio
Part Number:RN-52-EK

The RN-52-EK is an evaluation kit for the RN52, a fully certified Bluetooth version 3.0 audio module, and fully compatible with Bluetooth version 2.1 EDR. It demonstrates the key features of the RN52 allowing designers to quickly and easily evaluate and develop prototypes.

The RN52 Bluetooth audio module provides a fully integrated solution for delivering high-quality stereo audio in a small form factor. It combines a Class 2 Bluetooth radio with an embedded DSP processor, controlled and configured by simple ASCII commands and GPIO. It integrates RF, a baseband controller, and DSP, making it a complete Bluetooth audio wireless link.

The RN52 supports HSP/HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, SPP, and iAP profiles and includes support for codecs such as SBC, aptX®, and AAC. It provides a UART interface, GPIO, stereo speaker outputs, stereo microphone inputs, and a USB port.

Applications: High-quality, 2-channel audio streaming, Wireless stereo headsets, Automotive hands free audio, Wireless audio docking station for smartphones, Wireless speakers, Intercom push-to-talk audio connection, Remote control for media player, Medical devices, Computer accessories.


  • Based on RN52 Bluetooth audio module
  • Demonstrates key features of RN52 module for embedded systems
  • Allows designers to develop prototypes and proof of concept
  • Dual channel audio output and input available in analog and digital formats
  • Provides interface to external devices
  • USB port to supply power and access to command interface
  • Built-in amplifier for stereo audio output and 6 function buttons
  • Additional support for codecs such as aptX®, AAC, MP3, and others

Supported Bluetooth Profiles:

  • A2DP stereo audio (sink mode, SBC codec)
  • AVRCP media player remote control
  • HFP/HSP can accept a phone call from mobile phone
  • SPP allows serial data over UART
  • iAP Profile discovery

Ships With

  • RN52 Evaluation Board
  • 2 Mini-USB speakers
  • Microphone
  • USB cable

Required Tools

Accessory Tools