Embedded File System - emFile Pro (2.50.04) (eDelivery - instant activation)

Manufactured By:Segger
Embedded File System - emFile Pro (2.50.04) (eDelivery - instant activation)
Part Number:2.50.04 EMFILE PRO BUNDLE SSL

emFile is a file system for embedded applications that can be used on any media, for which basic hardware access functions can be provided. emFile is a high performance library that has been optimized for minimum memory consumption in RAM and ROM, high speed and versatility. It is written in ANSI C and can be used on any CPU.

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emFile is a CPU independent, ANSI-C middleware library to provide FileSystem functionality to any embedded system. It is also OS independent.

Two versions of this embedded file system are available. Depending on your application needs; a Microsoft Windows® compatible version which extends a FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file system to your embedded application is available, as well as a proprietary file system designed specifically for embedded devices. Both implementations of emFile make use of the same upper layer API which is similar to the standard "C" I/O API (stdio.h). emFile has been designed to cooperate with any kind of embedded system and storage device. To use a specific medium with emFile, a device driver for that medium is required. Device drivers are available for most common mediums.


Available as a: Single Product Souce Code license.

  • All licenses are entitled to FREE product updates and support for 12 months from the date of activation.

emFile PRO includes:

  • emFile FAT (2.00.01)
  • emFile FAT LFN Module (2.10.10)
  • emFile device driver NAND universal (2.10.06)
  • emFile device driver CF/IDE (2.10.02)
  • emFile device driver SD/MMC (2.10.03)
  • emFile device driver NOR (2.10.04)


  • MS DOS/MS Windows-compatible FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 support.
  • A module that handles long file names of FAT media.
  • Multiple device driver support.
    • You can use different device drivers with emFile, which allows you to access different types of hardware with the file system at the same time.
  • Multiple media support.
    • A device driver allows you to access different media at the same time.
  • Cache support.
    • Improves the performance of the file system by keeping the last recently used sectors in RAM.
  • Works with any operating system to accomplish a thread-safe environment.
  • ANSI C stdio.h-like API for user applications.
    • An application using the standard C I/O library can easily be ported to use emFile.
  • Very simple device driver structure.
    • emFile device drivers need only basic functions for reading and writing blocks. There is a template included.
  • NOR flash (EEPROM) driver. Any CFI-compliant NOR flash is supported. Wear leveling included.
  • NAND flash driver. Very high read/write speeds. ECC and wear leveling included.
  • A device driver for MultiMedia & SD cards using SPI mode or card mode that can be easily integrated.
  • A IDE driver, which is also suitable for CompactFlash using either True IDE or Memory Mapped mode.
  • An optional proprietary file system (EFS) with native long file name support.
  • An optional journaling add-on.
    • It protects the integrity of file system against unexpected resets.

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