Development Kit for C8051F580 Microcontroller Unit

Manufactured By:Silicon Labs
Development Kit for C8051F580 Microcontroller Unit Development Kit for C8051F580 Microcontroller Unit
Development Kit for C8051F580 Microcontroller Unit
Development Kit for C8051F580 Microcontroller Unit
Part Number:C8051F580DK

The easiest way to begin development with the C8051F58x and F59x microcontroller families is with the fully functional “out-of-the-box” C8051F580DK MCU development kit.

A unique aspect of this development board is that it has two C8051F580 MCU devices on a single board. This enables the designer to develop a fully functioning LIN 2.1 master/slave network with a single piece of hardware. Furthermore, the external connector and 12 V regulator allows the designer to interface to any existing LIN network for maximum design and test flexibility.

The C8051F580 Development Kit is intended as a development platform for the microcontrollers in the C8051F58x/59x MCU family. The members of this MCU family are: C8051F580, C8051F581, C8051F582, C8051F583, C8051F584, C8051F585, C8051F586, C8051F587, C8051F588, C8051F589, C8051F590, and C8051F591.

With on-chip Voltage Regulator, Power-On Reset, VDD monitor, Watchdog Timer and clock oscillator, the Automotive Microcontrollers, including the C8051F58x/9x devices, are truly stand-alone System-on-a-Chip solutions. The Flash memory can be reprogrammed even in-circuit, providing non-volatile data storage, and also allowing field upgrades of the 8051 firmware. User software has complete control of all peripherals, and may individually shut down any or all peripherals for power savings.


Features of C8051F58x:

  • 50 MIPS 8051 CPU
  • 128 or 96 kB Flash memory
  • 8 kB RAM
  • 24 MHz on-board oscillator (±0.5%) with clock multiplier
  • 12-bit, 200 ksps ADC, ±1LSB INL
  • Up to 32 analog inputs
  • Up to 40 digital I/O
  • CAN 2.0 B, LIN 2.0
  • 2xUART, SPI, I2C
  • PWM, Timers
  • 1.8 to 5.25 V input supply
  • –40 to 125 ºC operating range
  • Two on-chip comparator and temperature sensor

Ships With

  • C8051F580 target board
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Silicon Labs' 8-bit Microcontroller Software Tools
  • AC to DC power adapter
  • USB debug adapter
  • USB cable

Required Tools

Accessory Tools