Daughter card for SPC58xE/G MCU in LFBGA292 package

Manufactured By:ST Microelectronics
Daughter card for SPC58xE/G MCU in LFBGA292 package
Part Number:SPC58XXADPT292S

The SPC58XXADPT292S is a Daughter card for SPC58xE/G MCU in LFBGA292 package. The Premium Evaluation Boards System supports the 32-bit SPC58xE/G STMicroelectronics' automotive microcontrollers.

The complete system consists of a SPC57XXMB motherboard and a SPC58XXADPTx daughtercard which plugs into the motherboard. Different daughter cards are available for evaluating the whole family of device in all supported packages. All daughter cards are similar in design and concept.

The evaluation system (motherboard and daughter card) allows full access to the CPU, all of the CPU's I/O signals, and the motherboard peripherals (such as CAN, SCI and LIN). The daughter card itself can be used as a standalone unit when access to the I/O pins or peripherals is not needed.


  • Modular evaluation system for SPC58xE/G
  • Single 12 V external power supply
  • Four on-board regulators:
    • 5.0 V, 3.3 V and 1.25 V switching regulators
    • 5 V linear regulator for the ADC supplies and references
  • Master power switch and regulator status LEDs
  • Two 240-way high-density expansion connectors for MCU daughter cards
  • All MCU signals readily accessible at a port-ordered group of 0.1” pitch headers
  • RS232/SCI physical interface and standard DB9 female connector
  • Two FlexRAY channels interface with a DB9connector (for both transceivers) and twoalternative connectors
  • LINFlexD interface with two different styleconnectors
  • Two high speed CAN channels and twofemale standard DB9 connectors
  • One potentiometer for analog voltage inputand four user switches and 4 user LEDs,freely connectable
  • Open top MCU socket
  • Flexible MCU clocking options
    • 40 MHz crystal EVB clock circuit
    • 8 MHz EVB clock oscillator circuit
    • external clock via SMA connector
  • User reset switch with reset status LEDs
  • Debug ports interface:
    • 14-pin standard JTAG connector
    • 34-pin connector for Nexus 2 interface
  • 10-pin SIPI connector for Serial Interprocessor Interface
  • Minimodule dimension: 127 mm X 114 mm

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  • Daughter card

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