Evaluation Kit for SOM-PH8700 CPU Module

Manufactured By:Embest
Evaluation Kit for SOM-PH8700 CPU Module Evaluation Kit for SOM-PH8700 CPU Module
Evaluation Kit for SOM-PH8700 CPU Module
Evaluation Kit for SOM-PH8700 CPU Module
Part Number:EVK-PH8700
EVK-PH8700 is a comprehensive Evaluation Kit for SOM-PH8700(AM335X).It is consisted of SOM-PH8700 and its carrier board BB-PH180 which is a Embest Standard PH180 evaluation base board. It offers rich peripherals  and software which cover HDMI ,Ethernet ,UART ,CAN, Audio ,Camera ,WIFI ,LCD and others.  

EVK8700 is a single board computer designed by Embest based on TI AM335X processor, ARM Cortex-A8 core. It is composed of CPU module SOM-PH8700 and base board  BB-EPH1800.

EVK8700 provides plenty of peripheral resources, with 4 high speed USB2.0 Hosts, 1 high-speed OTG interface, one large capacity of the TF card slot for extension storage, 12 bit camera interface, expanded the VGA and HDMI interface, 2 gigabit network interfaces, 24 bit LCD, WIFI, MIC input, the AUDIO output, UART, CAN and RS485 interfaces, etc. In order to facilitate more expansions and functions, we make part of the UART, I2C, SPI resources respectively lead to two 5 pin ribbon cable socket.


Electrical Characteristics:
  • Working temperature: -20 ~ 70 ?
  • Input voltage: 9 ~ 25V
  • Operating Humidity: 20% to 90%
  • Board Size: 180 mm × 120 mm
  • PCB Specifications: 4-layer design
Communication Interface:
  • DB9 RS232 serial interface
  • 12-bit digital camera interface
  • 2 gigabit Ethernet interfaces (RJ45 Interface)
  • 3-way RS485 interface
  • 2-way CAN interface
  • 4-way high-speed transmission USB2.0 Host Interface
  • 1 channel USB OTG interfaces
  • 1 Ge TF card interface
  • 1 Ge WIFI module interface
  • 2 Ge 10 Pin FPGA expansion interface (expansion I2C.UART.SPI Signal standards)
  • Debug Interface
  • 1 onboard DB9 RS232 serial debugging
  • Audio / video interface
  • 24bit true color LCD interface (including 4-wire touch screen interface)
  • VGA Interface
  • HDMI Interface
  • MIC input interface
  • Audio headphone output (3.5mm audio jack)
Other interfaces and buttons:
  • Power Interface (hole DC Power Interface)
  • Heat from the Reset button to cold start Reset button, BOOT button and two buttons function expansion
  • RTC Real-Time Clock

Ships With

  • SOM-PH8700 CPU Module
  • BB-EPH1800 Evaluation Board

Required Tools

Accessory Tools


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