Industrial BeagleBone Black based on Sitara AM3358 Processor

Manufactured By:element14
Element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial 4G based on Sitara AM3358 Processor Element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial 4G based on Sitara AM3358 Processor
Element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial 4G based on Sitara AM3358 Processor
Element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial 4G based on Sitara AM3358 Processor

The element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial answers the need for an industrial rated single board computer with extended temperature range. The element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial is also software and cape compatible with the original BeagleBone Black.

 - Works with existing BeagleBone Black Capes
 - Software compatible with BeagleBone Black
 - Temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
 - compatible product


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The element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial  (BBONE-BLACK-IND-4G) is a low cost, high-expansion focused BeagleBoard using a low cost industrial temperature grade  Sitara™ AM3358 ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor from Texas Instruments. BBONE-BLACK-IND-4G ships with the Debian Linux distribution preinstalled on the onboard FLASH, ready to start evaluation and development.

The element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial is the latest addition to the family and like its predecessors, is designed to address the Open Source Community, early adopters, and anyone interested in a low cost ARM Cortex-A8 based processor.
It has been equipped with a minimum set of features to allow the user to experience the power of the processor and is not intended as a full development platform as many of the features and interfaces supplied by the processor are not accessible from the element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial via onboard support of some interfaces. It is not a complete product designed to do any particular function. It is a foundation for experimentation and learning how to program the processor and to access the peripherals by the creation of your own software and hardware.
It also offers access to many of the interfaces and allows for the use of add-on boards called capes, to add many different combinations of features. A user may also develop their own board or add their own circuitry.
The element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial is manufactured by element14 in China for the benefit of the community and its supporters. In addition, elememt14 will provide the RMA support for the element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial.

Applications: Robotics, digital signage, building and home automation


  • Processor: TI Sitara AM3358BZCZA100, 1GHz, 2000 MIPS 1 GHz ARM®Cortex™-A8
  • SGX530 Graphics Engine
  • Programmable Real-Time Unit Subsystem
  • Operating temperature can span from -40C to +85C
  • Memory SDRAM: 512MB DDR3L 800MHZ
  • Onboard Flash: 4GB, 8bit Embedded MMC (eMMC)
  • SD/MMC Connector for microSD
  • Power management:TPS65217C PMIC is used along with a separate LDO to provide power to the system
  • Debug Support: Optional Onboard 20-pin CTI JTAG, Serial Header
  • Power Source miniUSB USB or DC Jack
  • 5VDC External Via Expansion Header
  • Connectivity High speed USB 2.0 Client port: Access to USB0, Client mode via miniUSB
    • High Speed USB 2.0 Host port: Access to USB1, Type A Socket, 500mA LS/FS/HS
    • Serial Port: UART0 access via 6 pin 3.3V TTL Header. Header is populated
    • 10/100M Ethernet (RJ45)
  • User Input / Output Reset Button
    • Boot Button
    • Power Button
    • LED power indicator
    • 4 user configurable LEDs
  • Video/Audio Interfaces HDMI D type interface
    • LCD interface
    • Stereo audio over HDMI interface
  • Expansion Interfaces LCD, UART, eMMC
    • ADC, I2C, SPI, PWM

Ships With

  • element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial Board
  • miniUSB to USB Type A Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Required Tools

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