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Welcome to multicore!
imagestartKIT is a low-cost development board for the configurable xCORE multicore microcontroller products from XMOS. It's easy to use and provides lots of advanced features on a small, extremely low cost platform.
xCORE lets you software-configure the interfaces that you need for your system; so with startKIT you can configure the board to your match your exact requirements. Its 500MIPS xCORE multicore microcontroller has eight 32bit logical cores that perform deterministically, making startKIT an ideal platform for functions ranging from robotics and motion control to networking and digital audio.
startKIT also connects easily to your Raspberry Pi, allowing you to add real-time I/O and communication features to this popular computing platform, and to try out advanced applications for xCORE.
  • xCORE Multicore Microcontroller with 8-core Analog tile and integrated debugger
  • micro-USB connection to host debugger
  • PCIe connector for sliceCARD add-on boards
  • 0.1" header compatible with Raspberry PI
  • Two 4-zone cap sense sliders
  • 3x3 LED matrix
  • 2 additional LEDs
  • Push-button switch
  • 4 ADC inputs
  • 256KB SPI Flash
  • 0.1" header for connecting additional startKITs
Join us for a webinar on March 12th entitled "Getting Started with XMOS startKIT"!  Getting Started with XMOS startKIT.
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Terms & Conditions
  • Testers will be selected on the basis of quality of applications: we expect a full and complete description of why you want to test this particular product.
  • Testers are required to produce a full, comprehensive and well thought out review within 2 months of receipt of the product.
  • Failure to provide this review within the above timescale will result in the enrolee being excluded from future Road Tests.
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