Flusso FLS110 Mass Flow Sensor Evaluation Kit

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The FLS110 is an SMT, compact-sized flow sensor that can be configured to measure mass flow, volume flow, airspeed or differential pressure. You can log flow and temperature data in minutes.


  • AIR PURIFICATION - The FLS110 mass flow sensor is ideal for adding flow measurement into air purification products: it improves the accuracy of VOC, particulate and other IAQ sensors; eliminates the need for air sampling fans; and enables active filter monitoring.
  • PNEUMATIC AIR - Compressed air is the most expensive energy source in any manufacturing plant. And as energy costs soar, manufacturers are under growing pressure to identify and locate leaks as soon as they occur. But the problem is most existing mass flow meters are just too expensive for widescale deployment. The FLS110 mass flow sensor offers a new option for measurement of pneumatic air & automation.
  • DRONE AIR SPEED - The FLS110 can then be used with a drone flight controller to provide accurate, temperature and pressure-compensated airspeed measurement.
  • VACUUM CLEANER - The FLS110 being used to measure mass flow in a battery-operated vacuum cleaner. As a result, the FLS110 can be used to automatically adjust the motor's power to improve cleaning performance across different surfaces, as well as extending battery life.

Roadtest Goal

We want to provide this $400 evaluation kit free to a roadtester who can test its easy of use, out-of-box experience and experiment with its abilities for measuring any of the following: mass flow, volume flow, airspeed or differential pressure. Verifying the ability of logging data in minutes, and use documentation would also be part of the roadtest. Optional tasks would include building a project using the FLS110 in an indoor air quality application of your choice.

Product Variants

  • FLS-110-EK-1173
  • FLS-110-EK-1174 -- this is the product being provided in this roadtest
  • FLS-110-EK-678
  • FLS-110-EK-1244
  • FLS-110-EK-771
  • FLS-110-TR07
  • FLS-110-EK-679
  • FLS-110-EK-676
  • FLS-110-EK-622
  • FLS-110-EK-1238
  • FLS-110-EK-674
  • FLS-110-EK-1391
  • FLS-110-EK-1242
  • FLS-110-EK-1392
  • FLS-110-EK-1237
  • FLS-110-EK-1240
  • FLS-110-EK-630
  • FLS-110-EK-673
  • FLS-110-EK-675
  • FLS-110-EK-677
  • FLS-110-EK-1243

Kit Contents

  • Fluidic Fixture
  • Push-in connectors
  • USB Adapter

Hardware Technical Description

The FLS110 Evaluation Kit contains everything you'll need to evaluate the FLS110 mass flow sensor. It's supplied with a fluidic fixture (to fit your flow range), push-fit connectors and a USB adapter to connect the FLS110 PCB directly to your PC. And once you have everything connected together, you can easily recalibrate the sensor to take account of your complete system.

The FLS110 is an analogue mass flow sensor based on the principle of a hot wire anemometer. It is a solid-state, silicon-MEMS sensor die in an open-cavity plastic package with two flow ports. To make a
digital flow (or differential pressure) sensing solution for your application, the FLS110 is combined with a standard microcontroller running firmware provided by Flusso. The firmware is rich with features for system level characterisation, calibration, and modes of operation. It can be configured and even customised to your exact needs for sensing accuracy.

The FLS110 Evaluation Kit sensor module is an implementation of the FLS110-STM32 reference design
using a STM32L031G6U6 microcontroller running just Flusso’s ‘standard’ FLS110 firmware, with I2C


  • Small footprint: 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm.
  • Repeatability: 0.5 sccm +0.5% measured value.
  • Measures flow to 500 slm or more.
  • Fully temperature-compensated for a reliable flow signal.
  • Configurable operational modes and features.


  • FLS110 can be integrated where measurements matter.
  • Displaying mass flow, volumetric flow, air speed or differential pressure.
  • Outstanding product performance, robustness, reliability.
  • Complete digital flow sensing solution’ for fast product development.
  • Fully customisable for performance and cost.
  • Optimised for automated, high-speed product manufacturing processes.
  • Full design support: from concepts to manufacturing.


Go to this link for Firmware downloads

Go to this link for Eval Kit GUI download  (Windows 10)

Additional Information
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FLS110 Evaluation Kit User Guide
Other Technical Notes
Developing Your Flow Sensing Solution with FLS110


Go to this link to view 5 tutorial videos

Important Dates

Begin enrollment: June 1 2022
End enrollment: August 12 2022
Select roadtesters: Aug 16 2022
Ship unit: Aug 16 2022
Begin Roadtesting: Aug 23 2022
Element14 follow up: Sept 23 2022
Post Reviews by: Oct 23 2022


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