Maxim Low-Power I2C Temperature Sensor Kit with MCU and IO-Link Transceiver

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This is an evaluation kit for the MAX31875. It demonstrates the MAX31875 ±2°C-accurate local temperature sensor with I2C/SMBus interface.

RoadTest Goal
Roadtesters will be provided the evaluation kits. They are tasked to use the kits and develop experiments or projects to test the temperature sensor. MCU and transceiver eval kits are also provided to facilitate project design or experiments.

The roadtest consists of a sensor kit, an MCU kit and a transceiver kit. What follows is a description of each kit:

Evaluation Kit, MAX31875 ±2°C-Accurate Local Temperature Sensor:
The MAX31875EVKIT# from Maxim Integrated Products is an evaluation kit (EV kit) for MAX31875. It demonstrates the MAX31875 ±2°C-accurate local temperature sensor with I2C/SMBus interface. The EV kit includes a graphical user interface (GUI) that provides communication over I2C with an on-board master IC. The MAX31875 EV kit comes with the MAX31875ROTZS+ installed. Typical applications include battery-powered equipment, data communications equipment, handheld electronics, industrial equipment and servers.

Evaluation Kit, MAX14828, IO-Link Device Transceiver, IO and SSPI Terminals:
The MAX14828EVKIT# is an evaluation kit (EV kit) for MAX14828. It consists of a MAX14828 evaluation board which is a fully assembled and tested circuit board that evaluates the MAX14828 IO-Link® device transceiver. Typical application includes industrial sensors, safety applications, IO-link sensors and actuators.

Evaluation Kit, MAX32660 DARWIN MCU, Ultra-Low Power, Wearable, IoT:
Evaluation system for the MAX32660 ultra-low power Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU-based microcontroller for wearable and IoT sensors. A MAX32625PICO-based debug adapter comes attached to the main board. It can be snapped free when programming is complete. The debug module supports an optional 10-pin Arm® Cortex® debug connector for DAPLink functionality. It is suitable for fitness monitors, industrial sensors, IoT, optical modules, portable medical devices, sports watches and wearable medical patches.

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Important Dates

Begin enrollment: July 15, 2022
End enrollment: Sep 9, 2022*
Select Roadtesters by: Sep, 2022*
Ship unit: TBD
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