Maxim Integrated - Industrial Communications with IO-Link Distance Sensor

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RoadTest Goals

The roadtester should unbox the parts and experiment with this IO-Link master and distance sensor testing system.


The roadtest will receive two parts plus cables in this roadtest: an IO-Link Master Reference Design Board and an IO-Link Distance Sensor Reference Design Board. A description of each board follows:

MAXREFDES165# Four-Channel IO-Link Master

The MAXREFDES165# is a fully IO-Link®-compliant, 4-port IO-Link master reference design. This design uses the TMG TE IO-Link master stack and is both an IO-Link master reference design and a development and test system for IO-Link sensors/actuators. Four IO-Link ports allow for simultaneous testing of up to four different sensors (or actuators). The reference design has four robust female M12 connectors—the most common connector used for IO-Link—and ships with an IO-Link cable for connecting quickly to IO-Link compatible sensors and actuators. An AC-to-DC (24VDC/1A) power supply is capable of providing at least 250mA to each port simultaneously, and more when fewer ports are used. A USB 2.0 Type B connector allows for quick connectivity to a Windows® PC.


  • Fully IO-Link Version 1.1 compliant
  • TMG TE IO-Link master stack
  • Easy-to-Use IO-Link Device Tool V5 from TMG
  • 4 IO-Link master ports
  • Ships with all required cables
  • Field-update programmable

Distance Measurement

  • Measures distances up to 4m

Additional Information

MAXREFDES165# Quick Start Guide

Design Files

MAXREFDES171#: IO-Link Distance Sensor

Advanced factory automation solutions, such as Industry 4.0, require increasing numbers of smart sensors, which are typically controlled using IO-Link® for the point-to-point serial communication between the sensor and controller (master). As a leading provider of IO-Link sensor transceiver and master transceiver ICs, Maxim also provides complete reference design solutions to help our customers improve their time to market. These proven designs cover all of the hardware and software requirements needed for compliance with the IO-Link standard. The complete reference design, including all of the ICs and external protection devices such as TVS diodes, is provided on a 30mm x 7.5mm printed circuit board (PCB).

Maxim Integrated and Technologie Management Gruppe Technologie und Engineering (TMG TE) collaborated in designing the MAXREFDES171# as a reference design that is compliant with the IO-Link version 1.1/1.0 standard. The MAXREFDES171# design consists of an industry-standard MAX22513 IO-Link device transceiver, a MAX32660 ultra-low-power 16-bit microcontroller utilizing the TMG TE IO-Link device stack, and a commercially available VL53L1 distance sensor.


  • IEC 61131-9
  • TMG TE IO-Link Stack
  • IO-Link version 1.1 compliant
  • Measures Distances up to 4m

Additional Information

RoadTest Forum

Use this thread to ask any questions about the kit or the RoadTest in general.

Important Dates

Begin enrollment:  Sept 1, 2022
End enrollment: Oct 31, 2022
Select roadtesters:  Nov 1 2022
Ship unit: Nov 1 2022
Begin Roadtesting: Nov 8 2022
Element14 follow up: Dec 8 2022
Post Reviews by:  Jan 8 2023

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