Enroll to Review the Schurter Smart Connector DT31

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RoadTest Goals

In this RoadTest, the sponsor would like the following questions to be considered:

  • What are your thoughts on the packaging and design of the DT31?
  • How easy was it for you to download the app and connect your device?
  • Tell us about your connected device and what you are measuring?
  • Does the DT31 provide the capabilities you need for measuring your connected device?
  • Offer any additional ideas regarding what more you would like to see the DT31 do.

As you devise your testing procedure, the following can also be within the range to be considered:
1. documentation test
2. describe and test the out of the box experience
3. energy monitoring capability
4. SmartApp
5. operational testing

Product Variants

  • DT31 – this is the variant for the roadtest
  • DS11


The "plug and play" Smart Connector DT31 can be connected to any device to provide Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity. Simply plug in wall power to the DT31 IEC power inlet (IEC 60320 C14) and connect the cable out ( IEC 60320 C13) to the power input of any device. In addition to the basic functions like remote on/off and power consumption monitoring, the Smart Connector enables additional functions that can be programmed according to the customer's needs. The Smart Connector DT31 with cloud connectivity via the SCHURTER Smart App offers an efficient solution to accurately capture, analyze, and manage the utilization, maintenance, and usage behavior of the connected device.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-enabled Smart Connectors can provide connectivity for existing products or can be incorporated into new products. The Smart Ecosystem includes a SmartApp for immediate use with these connected devices. The SmartApp dashboard uses Bluetooth for local communication and can also access cloud data and services. The Smart Connectors provide remote on/off, monitoring and control of a device or a fleets of devices. The devices can be part of an IoT solution for a range of services from preventive maintenance to energy management to asset management.


Easy integration of smart IoT functionality into existing devices

The Smart Connector is connected to the Internet via WiFi 802.11b/g/n and has an integrated energy meter sensor

Cost savings through optimized use of resources Data analysis and processing via SCHURTER Dashboard or SCHURTER App


  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n or Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
  • Relay switchable via WiFi (Cloud)
  • Integrated energy live measurement with update rate up to 60 sec.
  • Low standby Energy consumption (<0.5W)
  • Button with RGB backlight
  • Smartphone App for easy configuration, control and monitoring (iOS and Android)


  • Ratings IEC 10A / 250VAC; 50Hz
  • Energy Consumption (Standby) < 0.5 W
  • Appliance Inlet C14 acc. to IEC 60320-1 (for cold conditions) pin-temperature 70°C, 10A, Protection Class I
  • Appliance Outlet C13 with approx. 80 cm permanently connected cable
  • IP-Protection IP40
  • Active Energy Metering Error ±0.2% full range
  • Reactive Energy Metering Error ±0.4% full range
  • Minimum measurable Current < 20 mA
  • Wireless LAN WiFi 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2 BLE



  • Smart Connector DT31
  • Documentation

Important Dates

Begin enrollment July 11, 2023
End enrollment Aug 22, 2023
Select roadtesters Aug 23, 2023
Ship unit Aug 28 2023
Begin roadtesting Sept 5 2023
element14 follow up Oct 5 2023
Post reviews by Nov 5 2023

Terms and Conditions

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Comment List
  • I used something different then Sales originally. But I do not remember what exactly. There are 3 contact forms:

    The last two most probably do the same. Btw. API seems working even in free package because the same API is used by dashboard protal and most probably also by mobile apps. In meantime they also released documentation: https://dashboard.schurtersmart.com/files/SmartPlatform_SmartApi.pdf which is linked at updated page https://dashboard.schurtersmart.com/ which works only when you are logged off from dashboard. I basicaly tested it and API seems working. If you omiot some or wrongly format some fields you may get very scary error messages, but with valid reqests it seems working. I am not sure why do they say that API is excluded in free edition.

  • IIRC I choose 'Sales' in the contact form. Is there a separate support contact which I could use?

  • I contacted support also. But for different reason. For API request and documentation I will contact them soon. When I was discussing some technical difficulties of iOS app with their support it took about two weeks to first reply and then they resolved it in about week.

  • Did any of the road testers get API access? I asked via the contact form as suggested, but never got a reply (but I needed to verify the email address from the form, so the email should be fine)

  • Hi. Today I received device. With device I received personalized letter from Shurter stating that the UL certification is undergoing. Later they also mention that device supports 110V also. More precisely they mention that device is designed for handling 85 - 305V and 47 - 63 Hz. But because UL certification is udnergoing they most probably can't say it publicly. I have 230 -> 110V active converter, so I will test it with 110V@50Hz also.

    10A restriction is because of IEC 13 and 14 connectors. They are by design rated to 10A and naturaly devices using these conectors inherits this limitation. It is not a property of Shurter. Other vendors have the same limitation (at least if they want to certify their devices).

  • I've posted all 4 roadtesters. The 4th was on business travel. I realize our members go on business travel. But he responded anyway, which is quite fine.

  • Thank you for selecting me. It was very fast selection and shipping this time! Thank you very much.

  • I've posted 3 of the 4 roadtesters, which we've shipped the kits to them already. I am waiting on the 4th roadtester to respond to my notification.  If I don't hear back from him, I will have to go with the alternate.


  • Just sent the list of roadtesters to our Trade & Compliance dept to get shipping approval. Will announce tomorrow.

  • For me, it makes sense since it is similar to a power connector but in this, you have monitoring, controlling, and many other features. Also, looks like its size is pretty much small. And yes again it is some addon connector between your device and power cord which is smart to sense and control. For more it is convincing.

    But again everyone have their own way of looking into things.