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Digilent’s latest multi-function test and measurement device, also known as the AD3, is a digital oscilloscope, logic analyzer, waveform generator, pattern generator, and much more. Using the flexible WaveForms software (supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux), the Analog Discovery 3 can be used in the lab, in the field, or even at home - you're no longer tied down to a traditional benchtop and stacks of expensive test instruments.

Like its predecessor, the Analog Discovery 3 is a portable USB-powered test and measurement device, though it now features an upgraded USB-C® connection. It’s lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket or backpack, so it becomes an exceptional companion for any engineer.

The Analog Discovery 3 boasts a larger-than-ever buffer size, allowing more data to be sent through the waveform generator and received through the mixed signal (analog and digital) oscilloscope. It also has an increased sampling rate of up to 125 MS/s on all channels and a more potent power supply (up to 800 mA). The larger buffers allow you to capture longer records at high resolution and enable more complex AWG signals. Modulated AWG signals also take advantage of larger buffers, and more complex modulated signals have been added including phase modulation and summation.

This iteration of our most popular Analog Discovery digital oscilloscope also allows engineers access to new powerful features in WaveForms like the FIR (finite impulse response) Filter. Through the use of optional FIR filters on Oscilloscope input channels, users can reduce the amount of high frequency noise that could affect the quality of their measurements. Digital loopback of captured signals to the AWG, both filtered and unfiltered, is now supported. AWG output signals can now also be recaptured through digital loopback and displayed alongside signals returned from a circuit under test.

The AD3 is built on the next generation Xilinx FPGA, opening up even more features and future enhancements over time with software updates.

The Analog Discovery 3 has access to all of the adapters and accessories from its previous version, as well as the new Audio Adapter+. These accessories, like the Transistor Tester, Impedance Analyzer, and Breadboard Adapter, are available to buy from our online store.

If you’re looking to buy an oscilloscope, the AD3 is a digital oscilloscope option that is a complete solution, meaning that you won’t have to shop for more benchtop equipment.



  • Two differential channels with 14-bit resolution at up to 125 MS/s per channel with a +/-25 V input range, 30+ MHz bandwidth with BNC Adapter
  • User-configurable hardware input filters
  • FFT, Spectrogram, Lock-In Amplifier, Additional Software Input Filters, Eye Diagram, XY Plot views, and more, in the WaveForms application

Arbitrary Waveform Generator:

  • Two channels with 14-bit resolution at up to 125 MS/s per channel with a +/-5 V output range, 12 MHz bandwidth with BNC Adapter
  • Standard waveforms, amplitude and frequency modulated signals, direct playback from analog inputs, custom waveforms, and more

Logic Analyzer and Pattern Generator:

  • 16 digital I/O channels at up to 125 MS/s per channel
  • Individually-configurable 3.3 V digital inputs and outputs, 5 V tolerant inputs
  • SPI, I2C, UART, CAN, JTAG, ROM logic, custom protocols, and more
    Programmable Power Supplies:
  • 0.5 V to 5 V and -0.5 V to -5 V variable power supplies
  • Up to 800 mA per channel when used with an auxiliary power source

Additional Features:

  • Additional software instruments including:
    • Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer, and Impedance Analyzer
    • Protocol Analyzer, virtual digital I/O such as buttons, switches, LEDs
    • Data logging, Voltmeter, in-app scripting
  • SDK for hardware control in C, C++, Python, and other languages
  • Support for LabVIEW and MATLAB
  • And much more

Product Compliance:

  • HTC: 8471809000
  • ECCN: 3A992.a

*Note: To achieve maximum bandwidth, use of the BNC Adapter for Analog Discovery is required.



  • Analog Discovery 3
  • Mini Grabber Test Clips (6-pack) for use with Instrumentation Flywires
  • BNC Adapter for Analog Discovery
  • BNC Oscilloscope x1/x10 Probes (Pair)

RoadTest Goal

Working with the documentation, open the box and test the out of the box experience. Show us what you discovered through text, images, videos, and/or any other media, so the reader understands what is involved in using the product.

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End enrollment: Nov 30, 2023
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