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The nPM1300 Evaluation Kit allows for simple evaluation and code-free configuration of the nPM1300 Power Management IC (PMIC). By connecting to the nPM PowerUP app found in nRF Connect for Desktop, all settings of the nPM1300 can easily be configured through an intuitive GUI and exported as code to be implemented in your MCUs application.

  • Seamless integration and code-free configuration with the nPM PowerUP desktop app
  • Male pin headers provide access to all nPM1300 PMIC connections, for easy connection to Nordic Development Kits (DK) and external test equipment
  • Integrated LEDs and pushbuttons allow for evaluation of the built-in LED drivers and GPIOs of the PMIC
  • The kit itself offers JST battery connectors for batteries with or without internal NTC, and male pin headers for access to all nPM1300 connections. In addition, three LEDs and four pushbuttons are implemented for ease of use when evaluating the GPIO and LED diver functionality of the PMIC.

For initial evaluation of the fuel gauging capabilities within the nPM1300, users may use one of the pre-profiled battery models already included in nPM PowerUP. The fuel gauge solution relies on a battery model for best state-of-charge accuracy. Profiling your battery and generating a battery model is a one time effort where you’ll need some additional hardware.

Key Features

  • Male pin-headers for all pins on the nPM1300 PMIC, and battery connectors
  • USB-C for power and data communication
  • Three LEDs and four pushbuttons
  • nPM1300 - highly efficient PMIC with advanced system management features
  • Two highly efficient buck regulators
  • 800 mA battery charger
  • USB-C compatible
  • Accurate fuel gauge with nRF SoC
  • Single- or two-button hard-reset functionality
  • Watchdog and boot timer
  • Ship- and hibernate modes
  • -40°C to 85°C operating temperature
  • Easy-to-use QFN or small WLCSP package
  • Seamless configuration through nPM PowerUP desktop software


  • Evaluation of nPM1300 PMIC
  • Power management for breadboard prototyping of embedded power applications
  • Battery charge controller board for charging prototypes without integrated PMICs



  • Evaluation Kit nPM1300

Roadtest Goals

Use the nPM1300 EK to evaluate the functionality and unique features of the nPM1300 PMIC. The nPM PowerUP app may be used to configure the PMIC through a graphical user interface.

Important Dates

Begin enrollment:  Nov 15, 2023
End enrollment:  Dec 22, 2023
Select roadtesters: Dec 22, 2023
Ship unit: TBD
Begin Roadtesting:  TBD
Element14 follow up: TBD
Post Reviews by:  TBD

Terms and Conditions

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Comment List
  • I was intrigued by the line "Profiling your battery and generating a battery model is a one time effort where you’ll need some additional hardware" above and have done a bit of digging.

    It seems that the hardware being referenced is the nPM Fuel Gauge board. However, despite spotting a few brief references to it in some of the documentation, it doesn't look like it's possible to purchase this mysterious board. Has anyone else found anything useful about this?

    I suppose it's possible to road test the rest of the nPM1300 features without this. Maybe it's only necessary if you are going into production with a particular battery and want to get things spot-on.

  • Nice Roadtest. BTW, yesterday nordic announced that it will now mass produce the nRF1300 PMIC chip.

    I think this is a good chip for for solar and battery powered devices with two inbuilt buck converters and other smart features.