Renesas RX72N Envision Kit - Review

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RoadTest: Renesas RX72N Envision Kit

Author: vinayyn

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Cypress Semiconductor PSoC6 WI-FI Bluetooth Pioneer Kit.

What were the biggest problems encountered?: In any Embedded platform, for a newbie Getting started guide files are helpful to start easily. Description Videos are Needed in order to get clear the doubts. but I haven't seen any Beginners guide videos on any of the platforms, only the PDF is available. in the pdf also contents are in English But On the image, the descriptions are in Japanese.

Detailed Review:

For an HMI development, Renesas RX72N envision kit contains all the requirements to start easily. The developer needs to focus only on the firmware when you select Renesas RX72N envision kit, all the other HMI required components are included in the kit. Let's go through the features and specifications details of the Renesas RX72N Envision kit.



  • The Microcontroller of Renesas RX72N Envision Kit Is 32 -Bit With a Maximum Operating Frequency of 240MHz,4MB Flash memory, and 1MB RAM.
  • Supports communications such as Wi-Fi/ BLE communications Using EPS32-WROOM2-32D and Ethernet with RJ45.
  • RX72N Envision kit comes with a WQVGA LCD with a capacitive touch panel allowing GUI development using an LCD controller and a 2D drawing engine.
  • Two stereo MEMS microphones to support voice input.
  • Audio DSP D2Audio, Stereo audio output
  • ISL29034ambient and infrared light sensor.
  • User Interfacing LED (Blue LED).
  • Extended storage is available using Macronix's 32Mbit serial flash with USB and microSD slots.
  • The RX72 Envision Kit is Equipped with an onboard E2 Lite emulator.
  • USB Host Connector
  • One User Button
  • Dedicated 5 Volt Power Supply Jack





Unboxing The Renesas RX72N Envision Kit




The RX72N Envision kit comes with preloaded example firmware. These Examples of firmware are developed using Emwin- Segger.


Images And Video Of RX72N Envision kit After powering the device




RX72N Envision Kit Advantages over the Other Platform Product.


  • Large WQVGA LCD with a capacitive touch panel.
  • On-Board Emulator.
  • On-Board Wi-Fi/ BLE communications Using EPS32-WROOM2-32D
  • Two stereo MEMS microphones to support voice input for HMI.
  • Multiple GUI Development Options (emWin, Aeropoint GUI).


Detailed Review:

Renesas RX72N Envision kit is Specifically designed for HMI and IoT applications. for HMI application Capacitive Touch panel and Audio Input and outputs is the perfect combo in this board. Developing a Graphical user interface using Aeropoint GUI minimizes the GUI firmware development, This feature helps the firmware developer to concentrate on the other Hardware features. Onboard emulators help to debug easily. Secured WIFI-BLE communications using Onboard ESP32 helps to create Internet of things applications. The large capacitive touch panel will give more space to integrate better GUI. The power management system provides continuous power distribution with less thermal generation


A Simple Example Program Creating using e2 Studio.


You can easily start with The RX72N Envision Kit By following the below steps.


1. Download and Install The e2 studio from the official website of Renesas To know how to install the e2 studio please go through the link


2. Download and Install C/C++ Compiler Package for RX Family by following


Note: If you do not install the Compiler package errors will appear as Follows.


E0511175:Neither isa nor cpu is specified.

make: *** [src/smc_gen/general/r_smc_interrupt.obj] Error 1
src/smc_gen/general/ recipe for target 'src/smc_gen/general/r_smc_interrupt.obj' failed
"make -j4 all" terminated with exit code 2. Build might be incomplete.


3. After Successful Installation Of e2 studio Open The e2 studio. After a few seconds Workspace Window will pop up Here we need to give a name to Workspace. I have given the Workspace Name as an Example. After entering the workspace name Enter launch.


4. Go to file  Select C/C++ Project.


5. Then Select  Renesas CC RX C/C++ Executable Project and click Next.


6. Give a Project Name


7. Select Toolchain version V3.02

8. Select Target Board As Envision RX72N


9. Select Hardware Debug Configuration as E2 Lite RX and Click Next.

10. Select use Smart Configurator and Select Finish.


Smart Configuration window will Pop-up



11. Click On the Board and check the right board is selected.


12. Now Make clock configuration settings from clocks. in the PLL Circuit select Frequency Multiplication as 15. In PPLL Circuit select Frequency Division as 1/2 and Click on Generate Code and Enter Proceed.


13. Code will be generated and automatically updated to the Main File.

14. Now we need to add the required software components to The main file click on Components and Click On the Plus Symbol to add the Component.


15. Select Simple CMT Driver for Creating Time tick and Click On Generate Code.


16. Select Ports From software component configuration and click Finish.


17. In Port Selection select PORT4 and From Port4 Select P40 as OUT And OUTPUT1  And Generate Code.


17. Now we need to add the main code here I am creating a LED Blinking Example. To write the code to blink the LED we need to open ".C " From src folder.




I am using Bare Metal code Example Code From Renesas Git.


18.  I will copy the code and save the file and I am going to  Build the project.

If the code doesn't contain any error it will display the Zero errors window.






19. In order to upload the code, we have to set Debug configuration. To make the settings Go to Run Tab and select Debug Configuration, From the Debugger Tab make The Main clock Source as Extal. Extal Frequency As 16 Mhz, Connection Type as Fine, Power Target From The Emulator as NO, And Click Apply.




20. Now Connect The Device to the PC Via USB Cable and Set the emulator selection switch SW1 As shown in the Below Image.


21. Click on Launch in Debug Mode, The software starts to upload the code to the  RX72N.  When the perspective switch window pop-ups select  Switch status of uploading code is displayed as Finished Download.



22. To Run The Code On the RX72N ENVISION KIT Press The PLAY/Resume Tab. If the device is successful The status will be displayed As Running


RX72N Envision Kit using With e2 Studio Instructions And Demo Video