Review of MSP-EXP430FR5739

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RoadTest: MSP-EXP430FR5739

Author: lahcen005

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Evaluation Type: Evaluation Boards

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Detailed Review:

The MSP EXP430FR5739 experiment board comes in package includes the following components:
- MSP EXP430FR5739 board
- Two 12 pin female header.
- 32.768-kHz clock crystal from Microcrysta.
- Mini-B USB cable.
- 6 pin header and SBW MSP430 Application UART.


The MSP EXP430FR5739 experiment board has four mode to run the demosoftware
- Mode 1 FRAM High Speed Writes.
- Mode 2 Writes emulating the Speed of Flash.
- Mode 3 Accelerometer Demo.
- Mode 4 - Temperature Sensor Demo.


the full description of the demos can be found in the MSP EXP430FR5739 board user guide.
In the mode 1 and 2 in demo you can see the difference between the write speed of the FRAM and flash memory.


The MSP EXP430FR5739 board is very small can be used in a prototype design.
I think the MSP board EXP430FR5739 a great board because you can make different designs along with the use of temperature sensor and accelerometer.


The file below contain a demo video for the writing speed of FRAM memory