Review of Design Kit w/DC1557A Demo Board

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RoadTest: Design Kit w/DC1557A Demo Board

Author: migration.user

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Evaluation Type: Evaluation Boards

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Pusle PA2467NL for the transfomer.

What were the biggest problems encountered?:

Detailed Review:

This demo kit was a well thought out kit.


It has a very simple layout and easy to use, also the design can be reused or added to a larger project very easily.  The kit included two alternate Wurth Elektronik transformers, which make the kit flexible for other voltages(3.3V and 5V).  Now with that said, there are a few issues with that.  To change out the transformers are the easy part, it is a small 10-pin SMD that would be very easy to remove and replace, easy so far.  So if your a hobbiest and want to try this kit out ($164.26 USD from Newark, #85.51 from Farnell) not to bad for the power and and clean voltage output, but if 12V is not what you need you may want to think twice about it, in addition to changing out the transformer you also need to change to SMD resistors, a 603 (R7) and a yet even smaller (R9).  But for a professional firm this would not be an issue, to change out a demo the 5V(3A) or 3.3V(4A).



Note the Pulse PA2467NL is the alternate part, the Kit comes with Wurth Elektronik transformers, the 12V part is 750 311 439.


The Testing:


I started out with a 30V input voltage and a 360 ohms load giving us on paper a 33.3mA current.


The demo provided by , (Thank you) states a 12V+- 5%, which at 30V on our input gives us an average voltage of 12.25V which is well within the 11.4 to 12.6V range the datasheet specifies.  And also meets the parts datasheet as well.  Here the controller is running at about 200kHz.


Next, the I went to 60.2V, testing the upper range of the demo board:


Here the output voltage cleaned up even father and the operating frequency decreased as well.  Now the peak voltage did increase to almost 16V, but the average tightened up for us.


I then ran three other load sizes at Vin of 30V, all had very good preformance.





Overall the Demo Kit is a well designed kit for professions, and very usagable by hobbiest.  The Transformers preformered very well with low noiseand good stablity.