Review of Agilent U1273AX Handheld Digital Multimeter

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RoadTest: Agilent U1273AX Handheld Digital Multimeter

Author: markav

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Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Fluke 179 ISO-TECH IDM19

What were the biggest problems encountered?:

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Hi this is my first out of the box test with the new Agilent U1273A multimeter, so first off it's get the supplied battery's fitted, very easy and simple and I noted the waterproof seal to keep everything dry in the wet.


Once this was done I powered up the meter  - I'll not be able to hide from the boss now  as it makes a lovely phone like noise as it starts up !

It has the usual turn knob on the front with all the expected symbols so I was able to get going straight away.




The meter comes with the usual meter probes and I was keen to see if my fluke clips would fit as they get used a lot in my job. Yes they fitted fine and here I measured a capacitor, one thing my old Fluke could not do.



Next out of the box came a Thermocouple and adapter so on it went, a quick turn to capacitance and a press of the orange button and it was all go.

It's nice to see the room temp in the corner and then the main temp of the thermocouple so it's easy to compare. It reads very fast, I checked my temp and it shot up and when I let go it was back to room temp very fast.

I have a projector in a case I need to see the temperature it gets up to so I will be testing out the logging with this soon.


Finally these are my two old meters I've been using so will be comparing it to. My trusty Fluke 179 and my pocket meter an iso-tech idm19.

The Agilent is more the replacement for the Fluke - but having an led display may mean I take out the bigger meter more often as I work in a lot of dark places and I won't have to balance it in the torch light so I can see both what I'm doing and the meter ! time will tell..


I've now recieved the Blue tooth adapter U1177A, it simply plugs on the back so it does not break any seals so the unit will stay waterproof.

I put the batterys in the two AA batterys and connected it all up - one thing I would not use the blue tooth outside, it sticks out on the back and the battery cover only slides on so no waterproofing there.


But as to functionality, plug it in turn on meter and bluetooth, take your smart phone ( Samsung ) and search for the Agilent app. Install and follow the instructions to add the MAC code as a security code and it's all running. took about 20 mins all in.


Works as it says on the box first time so now I can read my meter on my phone, not sure how much it will get used as the meter gets used more hands on by me.


I can confirm the display is great if you work alot in dark places, no more having to leave your meter at the end of it's cables in the light to do your reading !

Fantastic !