Review of Assembled Gertboard

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RoadTest: Assembled Gertboard

Author: dkelley810

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Evaluation Boards

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: None

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The only thing I do not like about the Gertboard is the female wire jumpers that connect to male headers. I have used other prototype boards before and sometime using a solid wire is neat and easy. with the male headers I need a specific type of jumper.

Detailed Review:

I really like the versatile uses of the Gertboard. It does have a lot of potential for prototyping. I as far as the software goes it did not seem very intuitive to me. I am new to programing in Python so it was kind of confusing. But I am learning and experimenting. That is the name of the game! I wish there were more tutorials on how to actually hook up the Gertboard! But that will come with time also! I look forward to seeing what other Road Testers are doing.