Advantech WISE-4012E IoT Developer Kit - Review

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RoadTest: Advantech WISE-4012E IoT Developer Kit

Author: palagoa

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: No compaction at the moment of the trial

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The main issue was to do the interface with the local server trough an API

Detailed Review:



Hello everyone and this is my first time to do a review for a product for element14, since I want to thank everyone for the support that was given to us at the beginning since the product did not come complete on arrival

The Wise 4012E kit is an Advantech developer kit that allows us to have some controls, with 2 analog inputs of 0-10 v 2 inputs and 2 relay as output. I was extremely excited when I was selected to do this test, but quickly became disheartened by the limitations of implementing this product.



Basic technical specifications



I / O Specification

Voltage Input



- Channel: 2 - Resolution: 12-bit - Sampling Rate: 10 Hz (Total) - Accuracy: ± 0.1 VDC - Input Range: 0 ~ 10 VDC - Input Impedance: 100 kΩ - Supports Data Scaling and Averaging 



• Digital Input



- Channel: 2 - Logic level -Dry Contact 0: Open 1: Close to GND - Supports 32-bit Counter Input Function (Maximum signal frequency 3 kHz) - Keep / Discard Counter Value when Power Off - Supports Frequency Input Function (Maximum Frequency 3 kHz - Supports Inverted DI Status



• Relay Output



- Channels: 2 (Form A) - Contact Rating -120 VAC @ 0.5 A -30 VDC @ 1A - Relay On Time: 5 ms - Relay Off Time: 6 ms - Insulation Resistance: 1 GΩ min. @ 500 VDC - Dielectric Strength - Between Contacts: 1000 VAC (1min) - Between Coil to Contact: 1500 VAC (1min) - Maximum Switching: 60 operations / minute - Supports Pulse Output - Supports High-to-Low and Low- High Delay Output





Power Supply

The system of WISE-4012E IoT Developer Kit is designed for a standard Micro-B USB 5VDC power supply. I used the provided USB power cable to power up the module with USB power bank. 5000ma was able to last around 2 weeks power it.




The package






The equipment was properly packaged in the packaging only if the pen and screwdriver needed to install the test unit was missing.


Package design


• Wise-4012E Drive

• Mini usb cable

• Test unit

• USB pen with software (missing)

• Screwdriver (missing)



Initial Testing

During the initial tests my first concern was the interaction with the equipment because from the beginning it seemed to me that it had some limitations with the processing speed of the commands that were given to it.

The test board was excellent for carrying out the first test phase, I found a small error in the reading of values either connected by a power bank or by a charger with capacity to charge 5v 4A, with the unit of test the analog does not indicate a variation Higher than 4.7 v when at 100% of the potentiometers, the same happens when fed by an extreme signal and we apply a voltage of 10 v this only reads a value of 9.8v.




See the video has a lot of options but it is missing some menus that can immediately allow the data transaction for API, this point yes makes me even disappointed since I was waiting for an IOT product in which it was 100% independent.

• Missing point

O Lack of information processing since this product has inputs and outputs lack the ability to easily perform data processing in order to control something, this is a negative point.







In terms of data I used the dropbox as shown in the video which only works at 100% without any data transmission failure after the firmware update.




after this the data collection was the most reliable as possible without transmission error.





Web access 8.0





The set was accompanied with Demo of WebAccess software.

According to the Advantech’s definition

Advantech, the global Intelligent System leader, will launch WebAccess 8.0 IoT applications from the end to the cloud. Based on the previous powerful features, the latest version supports MQTT protocol and adds two new drivers (Ethernet / IP for Allen-Bradley PLC and B + B Wzzard MQTT) enabling manager / administrator / System Integrator to effortlessly integrate more on-site devices and Upload the front-end data to the cloud. In order to push product performance to perfection, Advantech has enhanced Dashboard performance in this new release to ensure stable and synchronous data transmission. Meanwhile, WebAccess provides special network architecture called Super SCADA that can collect the information of distributed nodes by its project upload tool so as to easily achieve centralized monitoring management, no matter how many layers users need to expand.

As the MQTT gradually becomes one of the major transmission protocols in the IoT field, supporting it allows WebAccess 8.0 users to save network traffic costs and reduce the required network bandwidth while getting better network security mechanism to protect the users’ important data. Through its lightweight transmission mode, WebAccess 8.0 can act as a gateway and do large data collection, helping integrators or partners to successfully extend their systems to the cloud applications.

Since the dynamic data display is an important function of the SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system, WebAccess 8.0 HTML5 based Dashboard not only tuned the widgets to meet users’ demands but also improved data transmission efficiency to accelerate the data refresh speed on the mobile phone. As a result, users can view the dynamic data anytime anywhere without delay.

In response to more extensive and complicated IoT applications, Advantech WebAccess’s Super SCADA is a useful tool to link multiple nodes or projects through a simple setting, making integration quick and easy while accomplishing unified remote monitoring management. When the network connection is interrupted, its active retransmission function can temporarily store the data on the nodes and automatically resume uploads after reconnection. Users do not need to worry about data loss as well as eliminating the trouble of manual resetting by the user.

Unlike the traditional HMI/SCADA system, Advantech WebAccess is 100% Web-based SCADA software and provides cross-platform and cross-browser functionality and compatibility such as Intelligent Dashboard, various open interfaces, ample protocols and hundreds of drivers, allowing users to conveniently develop projects and view or control automation equipments.






The demo in the packge was a very simple project for a agriculture system and for a ilumination control was the photos below





i didnt test this demo very hard since this wasnt my main objective, it was great to have a hmi integrate to in the to the wise 4012e.




Record value trough the input's and manage them inside of the device just like a small plc for un well was my first objective but since i was unable to process it in the way i change my principal for energy monitor.

integrate the device into my network with the follows support of devices.





A omron monitor and a omron plc to get the data from the equipment's and a power bank to power the device during the trial.


the major disappoint during the trial was the wifi coverage. in office and in open field the coverage was about 50 to 60 mts more or less but in industrial environment the signal drop was amassing and many freeze of the device the far distance that i get in industrial was 20 / 25mts, i have to install a repeater to get the wifi signal to the instalation point ( my luck was my power bank have wifi build in)


input signal devices




temporary replaced device that was getting the signals and replaced by the wise 4012e



Got the information to my server trough the mod bus communication.


Used and compile the information into a local computer before to send to my API server.





the input of signal from the previews system to the wise 4012 there was no difference that i can find in my server all the data was reliable and my desavantage was only the few inputs,



i chose to analyse the input for the flow of air and the consumption of KW in a air compressor and work the data Online.





Resume by my scoring






i was waitting for much more for it since its a IOT product


Is Manage it


Yes just test didn't put it to live trial

very easy to use all predefined information need more option to upload data


Not every thing was delivery in the pack but was accessible trough ftp or web acess


to high price for an wifi device only with a this limited inputs, and lack of chance to add slaves.



i hope my review was enough to this product for all that will read this, my enthusiasm when i was chose for the road test was 250% and when a start to review and see the limitation of it i became disappoint with my expectation regarding it

  • hey DAB


    i was disapoint with the API because for the IOT was nice to have something like this.





    regarding the wifi i dont have any way to measure the interference but i can access it with my cellphone laptop and my chinese power bank with 2 from 5 bar in the network signal bar .


  • Nice test report.


    Could you elaborate why you were disappointed with the API?


    Also, could you do some measurements to see why you lost signal strength in the industrial environment.

    What else was running, was it EMI, RF noise, power issues, or what?


    Did you have a clean line of sight or was their grounded metal obstructions between the transmitter and receiver?