Tektronix PA1000 Power Analyzer (ASEAN / ANZ ONLY) - Review

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RoadTest: Tektronix PA1000 Power Analyzer (ASEAN / ANZ ONLY)

Author: migration.user

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Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: I compared this unit to the existing equipment on my bench for this sort of work. Fluke 87 and Fluke 189 multimeters, Tektronix 100MHz 2ch portable oscilloscope.

What were the biggest problems encountered?: I found the menu navigation to be cumbersome and counter-intuitive. The display is okay for a few measurements, but becomes difficult to read with multiple parameters displayed or in graph mode. The application PWRVIEW alleviates the graph visibility issues and the button interface to an extent. Working with mains voltages is inherently dangerous so not having a safe breakout box resulted in making one and me being careful with the plugs.

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  • I should also note that I have subsequently used this analyser to characterise several of our product's 4400mAh 3.7V batteries.

    I was readily able to measure it's charge rates, current and voltage profiles and similarly discharge profiles with varying loads. These were used to determine the Peukert (sp?) coefficient and capacities to be included in the future battery capacity software models. Calculated capacities did agree (within tolerance) of stated.


    It really was as simple as connecting it up, clicking record, then going off to enjoy the rest of my evening. I'd pop in to check on its progress every now and then. Once it was charged I just rearranged the cabling, connected a load, clicked record, then left it to do my work for me.


    I'm really enjoying being able to work without working. image

    Work Smarter, not harder!


    However it's not smart if you leave a load connected and gets hot and melts a hole in your nice static mat... Doh!