Panasonic PAN1740 USB Bluetooth Starter Kit - Review

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RoadTest: Panasonic PAN1740 USB Bluetooth Starter Kit

Author: migration.user

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Evaluation Boards

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Dialog development kits- DA14580DEVKT-B or other development kit

What were the biggest problems encountered?: 1) Resource information by Panasonic is not given 2) All the resource & support are given by Dialog who is BLE chip manufacturer.

Detailed Review:

PAN 1740 supporting documents and software resource can be found at following;

1) PAN 1740 chip is using DA1458xx bluetooth stack. All the related software tools can be downloaded from here - 

2) Panasonic documents -


Software used in this application

1) Keil Vesion 5 - Keil compiler 32K free licence is enough for most of the given example applications -

2) Segger J-Link softare - PAN1740 USB development kit consisting of J-link hardware for debugging and downloading code on the RAM -

3) Connection manager

4) Smartsnippet

5) DA14580_DSPS_3.150.2___13_2_2015 - Serial data transfer application.

6) Iphone app - DSPS


AIM of the project:


To evaluate PAN1740 USB called "Software development kit on the fly"  using given example of the Dialog serial data transfer (DSPS)


Overview of the project:


1) Open account in support dialog website - 


2) Download above mentioned applications code -


3) Procedure to download code and evaluate serial data transfer application

      Step 1) Open given given application in the Keil software


      Step 2) Download code on the RAM

          PAN1740 can not download code on the flash so we need to run application on the RAM this could be done using debug option





     Step 3) Open serial communication software or Smartsnipper software

        I have use Smart Snipper terminal window to receive data from the mobile device app.

                 1) Smartsnipper terminal window


                 2) Mobile DSPS app -





PAN1740 is next generation bluetooth 4 with nano power consumption. This development kit could give you flying software development platform that could be build and tested in quick time.

In terms of mass production and custome application this tool is not sufficient. This dev kit is idea for the "Proof of concept" or "Flying software development".



Room to improve:

1) Panasonic has developed this USB dev kit but they have not given any application example and technical support contact informations.

2) I would rather buy development kit from Dialog so that I could get support and application directly from them.

3) As USB PAN1740 dev kit needs to run code from the RAM it may limit you to test you custom application on the portable device or away from desk.



Please feel free to ask question. I have tried to keep review based on "KISS" (Keep It Simple and stupid) principle.