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RoadTest: Fundamentals with Multicomp: Show Us How To Solder

Author: navadeepganeshu

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Evaluation Type: Test Equipment

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: HAKO FX-888D, SOLDRON 938

What were the biggest problems encountered?: No any issues, all set!

Detailed Review:

The Fundamentals with Multicomp: Show Us How To Solder - element14 Community offering had a great set of tools to meet major soldering requirements for a hobbyist/student and even at a professional level. The kit arrived well packed, sealed and the MP740261 Soldering Station, MP740142 USB Soldering Iron had a nice, tight sponge seat in the package. For most of the part, I have made a videograph for this review. Here's a look into the components of the kit fresh out of the boxes!

cover PIC

full stack

(!!! excluding pen type multimeter)

 Unboxing and Quick Overview:

The MP740142 USB soldering iron is a really compact one and has gone far beyond my expectations on such a small 10W device. I now have no other choice than to lift up this iron for quick soldering work mainly on SMDs. Happens to be a bit pricey, but not bad for what it offers overall.

12 Best Tips for Soldering | Multicomp Pro:

The MP740054 is an 80W device that mostly can be used for through-hole soldering and to rework power electronics stuff. It really heats up a relatively large area of PCB too quickly and has done some desoldering tests with the 8PK-366D-F tool from the kit(in the last video). One nice feature in this is about the tip replacement. Easily de-threadable and it's a plug-play process. New tip, new charm :)

soldeering tip opensoldering tool

The desolder-gun is quite good at its job and it seems so satisfying to see an empty solder pad with all solder lead pulled in!  The cutter is smooth, sharp and cuts the wires and component leads at a go(always when it's new). 

80W Soldering Iron, Desoldering Gun & Cutter: 

I look forward to utilising the full power of this kit and lighting up future projects. Overall a great kit, suitable for a spectrum of electronic works ranging from minute SMDs to Power devices or bigger. From all my experience using these components, I'd surely recommend this for someone who wants to get some good quality gears and this greatly outperforms other soldering devices that I've used.

Thanks to @multicomp pro and  @element14 community for this great opportunity and surely this helped me a lot to learn, upskill and present. I hope these "show us how to solder" videos serve as good learning tips and help enthusiasts. Thanks again for flowing through the review.


  • Thanks, Shabaz for bringing that point up. I get you,...usually I tend to forget these things while in a rush or of mere negligence. I should closely look at this and many more like maintaining proper safety and build some concern. Thanks and will do the needful.

  • Hi Navadeep,

    Great review and videos! You should definitely get a fan at a minimum (ideally a solder fume extractor), because it's likely the flux fumes are not healthy (you won't notice it now when you're young, but damage can build up and then become noticeable at a later age). For instance it is recently suspected that Parkinson's Disease is caused by a common industrial cleaner, but no-one is sure which one, and it doesn't become noticeable until many years later.. and who knows, there could be issues occurring through flux fumes too, they may contain all sorts of chemicals.  So it's better to reduce the risk if possible.