Panasonic PAN9520 WiFi module Evaluation board usages in Medical Electronics IOT

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RoadTest: PAN9520 Wi-Fi Module Evaluation Board

Author: shubhamsks

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Connectors & Cable

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: ESP32 DOIT

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The only issue I encountered was duing the intital setup and code dumping part of the project where to figure out the exact way to enter the boot mode from the default provided download mode. I suggest the solution for the same which I did also was to go thru’ the documentation thoroughly before starting any hand-on work.

Detailed Review:

Hi Everyone, I am a bit late to post this review due to some issues with my account. Apologies for the same and to the element14 team.

I'll start right away with the review. I work in the medical electronics field working on medical ventilators and heart-lung (ECMO) devices. We are building devices that are capable of proving remote monitoring of patients and as well as control of the devices by the required medical personnel.

My main purpose to choose PAN9520 was for the same motive as in to enable wireless capabilities on the ECMO prototype that we have developed and thus add remote monitoring & control function. While looking for alternatives like esp32 dev boards, I got this PAN9520 and tried integrating it with my project. To my surprise I needed no new tools to make use of it. It worked absolutely fine.

Since I needed to test It fast and get end product much faster , I went ahead with Arduino IDE where the configuration stays same as for any esp32 board except here we have to choose the generic esp32 from the boards options in Arduino. One can also use Platform-IO and esp IDF. I was also able to use the serial pin. The PAN9520 board was able to communicate successfully with STM32 board. Also the new esp32-S3 allowed me to create simultanous hotspot and wifi RX. 

I will keep it short here and will post my code and libraries reference in the commnets of this review. Also will post a video for the same.