Air circulation System

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RoadTest: ebm-papst K4 Motor System Development Kit

Author: swathic

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Electromechanical

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: This kit is a unique has more options to control in clockwise, counter clockwise, speed control. I feel this is a suitable kit for multipurpose than other devices

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The problem is to use two power fully sources to drive the motor and to control in analog, if the system has in-built power drive system for analog speed variation from the motor power supply source, it might have been more reliable kit for any kind of application. Another thing is the length of wire from the motor to K4 switch box is less, if additional connectors are supplied then it will help to extend the cable to any desired position instead of cutting the motor cable.

Detailed Review:

ebm papst K4 Drive System Development Kit  has includes the K4 switch box, BLDC VDC-3-49.15 motor, RS485 adapter, RS485 adapter driver download CD, USB-A to USB-B cable, and RS485 connection wires. The motor has good torque of 0.235Nm and 4000RPM to circulate air inside the room or shed. Below figure shows the use case of the hardware connection.

The final plan to use the kit was in a horticulture or sericulture shed where air circulation is need to keep the environment to a suitable moisture. Based on the wind flow outside the shed the designed circulation system will run in clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

The ebm papst K4 Drive System Development Kit has K4 switch box which as four switches to run the motor in clockwise or in anticlockwise direction.