SN-GCJA5 Particulate Matter Laser Sensor

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RoadTest: Panasonic Laser PM2.5 (Dust/Smoke) Sensor w/ MCU - Industrial Sensing

Author: ddip214

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Evaluation Type: Test Equipment

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: N/A

What were the biggest problems encountered?: Getting the device to run via Macbook Pro M1 + Arduino Uno.

Detailed Review:

Product information:

■ On board Laser Diode provides Particulate Matter detection for indoor air quality
(±10%, from low to high concentrations ~ 1,000 µgm3)
■ Output mass-density value of PM1.0, Pm2.5 and PM10 (µgm3)
■ Minimum detectable particle: 0.3μm
■ Very small footprint: 37×37×12mm
■ Weight: 13g
■ Extended lifetime optimized by S/W control
■ Optimized air pathway design to minimize dust accumulation
■ High S/N

■ Typical Sources of Particulate Matter:

 Combustion engines (diesel and petrol)
 Solid-fuel (coal burning, heavy oil and biomass)
 Cooking / smoking of plant matter, Fireplaces, Furnaces
 Construction materials
 Building, demolition, mining, manufacture of cement and smelting
 Pavement erosion by road traffic /abrasion of brakes and tires.
 Agriculture (source of ammonium).
 Nitrogen oxides (emitted by traffic and industrial processes)
 Sulfur dioxide (from the combustion of sulfur-containing fuels).
 Power-plant boilers to ship boilers, central steam-heat boilers
 Waste incineration / local field burning
 House and forest fires
 Etc…


My failed attempt at getting the sensor running:

I was unable to get the device running using an Arduino Uno. I was unable to figure out why the device wasn't powering up. The Arduino was powered on but the sensor wasn't working. I was unable to communicate with the sensor through the Arduino either. I am running a new MacBook Pro M1 with Windows 11 running on a VM in Parallels. I couldn't test using a windows machine because I do not own a windows laptop. When I originally applied for this roadtest I thought this device would come packaged ready to go out of the box (USB hookup right into a machine). I think this would be beneficial (packaged device) for smaller companies that would utilize the device but aren't able to access specific talent. I'm upset I wasn't able to get the sensor running using what I had in my office. If this device is to be used in a commercial setting the company would have to purchase additional devices to get the sensor to run. 

*I'm unable to upload the images of my setup - I'm not sure if this is an issue with the new roadtest format. I was able to drag image files previously*

I have added my photos into the "file" section

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone running a MacBook Pro - it's upsetting that Apple is isolating their products like this. I believe this is why I was unable to get the sensor working.