Multicomp Pro - Digital Multimeter Tips and Tricks

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RoadTest: Multicomp Pro - Digital Multimeter Tips and Tricks

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Evaluation Type: Test Equipment

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: UNI-T UT161E

What were the biggest problems encountered?: No Problems occurred while using it.

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The MP730679 is a 1000V true RMS digital multimeter that offers high levels of reliability and security, with a 22000-count display. With a large screen, high-resolution analog pointer display, full-scale overload protection, and unique appearance design, the device is an extremely practical electrical measuring meter. This device can measure AC/DC voltage/current, resistance, diode, transistor magnification(beta), continuity, capacitance, frequency, and duty ratio. Also features functions such as data transmission, data hold, relative value measurement, peak measurement, internal temperature alarm, low battery indication, backlight, auto power-off, and NCV functions.

The integrated rubber case gives more grip and more isolation to the user while holding it in the hand and doing the measurements.

Fig.  Accessories Inside the Box

MP730679 Features

  • Large, backlit LCD screen with 22,000 count display
  • High-resolution analog pointer
  • Full-scale overload protection
  • 1kV AC/DC voltage, 20A AC/DC current ranges
  • Extended 220MR resistance, 200mF capacitance, and 220MHz frequency ranges
  • hFE measurement
  • Data hold and peak hold
  • True RMS
  • Max./min./relative modes
  • USB communication
  • NCV (audible/visual alarm)
  • Supplied with test leads, USB cable, adaptor socket, and 4x AAA batteries
  • 0.1%~99.9% duty cycle
  • 40Hz-10kHz bandwidth
  • The device dimension is 190mm x 90mm x 50mm
  • The device weight is 350g

Tips and tricks

  1. Before performing any measuring Check the probes.

Check the probe connectivity by shorting the two wires in continuity mode

  1. Check the fuses before doing the current measurement
  2. If you want to perform the AC measurement Before placing the probes you can quickly Test the AC Voltage Presence in the supply by using NCV Mode.
  3. When you are testing the diode, please keep in mind to Select the Diode Mode, if you choose the Continuity Mode and tried to test the diode it will not show any results.
  4. We can test the led in the two modes
  5. A) In continuity mode: To test the LED in this mode we need to keep the com probe to the Anode of the LED and the Red Probe to the cathode of the LED.
  6. In Diode Test Mode: By Placing RED Probe to the anode of the led Com Probe to the cathode of the led we can test the led
  7. While measuring the Frequency and Duty Ratio of the signal, irrespective of the polarity we can place the probes for measuring. And we need to Know about Minimum Vrms Required for measuring frequency.
  8. Before Measuring the capacitor capacitance short the two leads of the capacitor, and perform the test. For large capacitance measurements, we have to expect a slight time delay to see the value of the capacitor.
  9. While measuring the superimposed signal we can switch to the ac+dc measurement position, It helps to measure the both ac and dc component in a single window.
  10. Using the mv Position we can measure the low voltages up to 220 mv, The low voltage measurement is limited to 220 mv because of its 22000 counts display.
  11. In ac measurement, we need to care about impedance, to know the impedance of the multimeter another multimeter is required in the resistance measuring mode to check the impedance.
  12. The integrated rubber case gives more grip and more isolation to the user while holding it in the hand and doing the measurements.
  13. This multimeter uses four AAA batteries instead of two AA batteries.
  14. We can utilize the USB mode of the multimeter to perform the measurements and store the data in the PC, I will show the PC screen and DMM screen to see the measurements.

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