Analog System Lab Kit (STEM Product) - Review

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RoadTest: Analog System Lab Kit (STEM Product)

Author: desoppere

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Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: This is the first professional Analog test kit I used. Previous kit where 'radio shack' 150 in 1 elektronic project kit and 30 in 1 solar kit. (In the past I have also used a TI eZ430-chronos Development Tool, but this was digital)

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The language of the manual is only in English.

Detailed Review:


Again many thanks for  getting this marvelous 'Analog System Lab Kit PRO'.


It comes in a nice box with al the jumper wires you'll need.

Insides there is a quality manual with exercises included and a schematic chart.

A graph paper book is also included.




The manual is of very good quality and explains in a brief way the theorie and gives you immediate the urge to get going with the test PCB and do some measurements.

Unfortunately the manual is only in English, so I need to translate this in Dutch for my students.

The manual does not make any difference in the level off difficulty for the student. I teach the basic principles of the op-amp so the manual is too difficult for the most part.

But I see no copyright anywhere, this means I shall rewrite the manual for the needs of my pupils.

There is also a list of Bibliography witch is very nice.



The PCB is made of superb quality with most of the IC's on a socket. This is very nice because my student lik to fry Op-amps. Mostly by inverting the power supply.


EVERYTHING you need to teach of basic Op-amp techniques is on the board. Maybe I would like some sensors like an LDR or NTC but that is easily fixed with the help of the breadboard included on the PCB.

I have some suggestions:

As I mostly teach Op-Amp on a DC level it would be nice to have the trimmer connected to +10 an -10 volt. This way I can easily get an negative input signal to the Op-AMP.

Some protection Diodes on the power supply input are also very helpful.


I also added the possibility to connect some D-block batteries. This way you can do al sorts of test with the help of one or two multimeters and no need for a big power supply.




The breadboard is of very good quality but it does not accept component with very thin leads. So you need to consider if you want to use an LDR or NTC.

In the event of needing to test some other op-amps , this can be done on the breadboard.




These are some of my students getting the first glimpse of the testing board.




A very well build test board that I would like to have some more kits to use in my classes.

The quality is made to last and it is possible to replace the Op-Amp.


The Manual is usable as textbook but not for all grades and only in the English language.




Many thanks to TI for letting me getting to know this product. It costs about 150 US dollar. I wouldn't bought this to give it a try. But now I am sure we shall order

some more kits for use in the classroom.