MAX30001 EV Kit (ECG, BioZ, Heart Rate, and Pace) - Review

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RoadTest: MAX30001 EV Kit (ECG, BioZ, Heart Rate, and Pace)

Author: gam3t3ch

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Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

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I would like to thank Element14 and Maxim Integrated for the opportunity to take part in this Road Test it has been a wonderful product to get to know and to continue to use in future testing and projects.  My apologies for the length as was hoping to do more on it here but have found besides just copying and pasting the info already provided on the road test MAX30001 EV Kit (ECG, BioZ, Heart Rate, and Pace)  it would take from what I wanted to say about the board and my initial tests


So as promised in my roadtest application I promised to include the following.

1. unboxing video

2. first setup video   GUI

3. My first initial thoughts and ideas on it.

4. full testing against other items (tech related consumer products)

5. Final thoughts of the product.

6. I would do a longer roadtest on this one ..... (which will be update throughout my testing process over the year)



1. Unboxing video below will show the beautiful packaging from element14 as well as the board itself I am quite excited about this board and very grateful for being chosen as a roadtester on MAX30001 EVKIT.



2. First Setup Video.



Link to the GUI Software:


As I tried to setup on multiple operating systems to find the ideal solution based on my findings it worked and functions the best without any extra playing around with is with Windows 10.


3.My first initial thoughts and ideas on it.

  There is a bunch of different things I would like to do with this board as finding it to be of great ease of use with the information provided.  Granted you might have to search their site for updated links on the board.  I will say of some of the boards I have dealt with in the past I am glad to at least be able to find the information I was looking for and or information was quickly obtainable from Maxim directly through email.

  Setup was great quick and easy, with amazon prime I had my 3m red dot electrodes to me in a short period of time so I could begin my initial testing. I would however suggest Maxim possibly contact 3M about a deal of some sorts to at least be able to provide 3-6 for initial testing and setup regardless if it was for a roadtest or a consumer purchase of the item.


4. Full testing against other items.  (BPM TEST)




So my test's were done right after one another in a 5 minute interval in resting position  at 1:30am and just finished a cup of coffee.   Now I would like to say more configuration and testing is needed with the Max 30001. But I can say from my results that even as just as is it provided me with BPM that I was hoping to see.  Based on my tests if this is true then devices that were stated to not be reliable for testing is in fact off and being reported incorrectly. As well and most devices older even the galaxy s5 and the Samsung gear. So makes me question all actual medical evidence against these devices.  My backing support is the manual reading physical human testing BPM.


Just to be clear the BPM taken with manual was done by a Certified Canadian EMR as I want to make sure this process was done as correctly as possible.  (just happens to be my wife)


So with this part I had to take some factors into consideration so all test were done roughly around the same time in the same environment  below is my table of results based on one days results of testing. (this in the future will be elaborated on in more detail and possibly with more devices.  This doesn't just provide useful for this project but possibly for other future projects regarding similar products.)


Max30001      - Chest with 3M Red Dot Electrodes

Manual           - Right Wrist

Gear Fit         - Left Wrist

Samsung S5  - Left Index Finger



5.  I really enjoyed the MAX30001 EVKIT, and can't wait to see what it provides in the coming year for results and as far as long duration usability as well.  As it would make no sense to get into a field and not know anything about it and how to properly read and understand what is going on.  Mind  you most will not be able to provide readings about the pace detection which would be very cool to see and even have that compared to other devices as well.  I feel this board has a lot of potential when it comes down to it for multiple and cost efficient applications both in the wearable and portable monitoring systems application. I am once again very grateful to Maxim and Element14 for the opportunity to use this board and enjoy it in the coming year collecting data and testing in other applications with it as well.  I will make sure to update anything that I do and/or come up with on this page.


I really must say that this product and really has opened my eyes to the ability for consumer products to be just as good if not equivalent to that of our medical grade equipment.

I have tested other functions on the board but my main concern was having the ability to make sure that the board was producing results that I could trust that it was producing an accurate reading in at least one of the functions being the BPM with the heart rate.

I would love to in the future run further tests against other devices as its nice to have a nice base line.


6. A longer test on this is in the works the plan is to start this phase come mid March and will finish one year from the date, doing multiple projects and weekly tests as I know I will have a ton of configurations and tweaks.