GraspIO Cloudio + Raspberry Pi 3 - Review

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RoadTest: GraspIO Cloudio + Raspberry Pi 3

Author: sakthi.1260

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: null

What were the biggest problems encountered?: Connecting to my network.

Detailed Review:

Hello Guys,

The package came in a good shape as usual.


Unboxing and first impressions.



That was a big multilingual Safety instruction and Guide.




Sensor and IO List:

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • 1 - Momentry Switch
  • IR Proximity Sensor
  • 3ADC (5V)
  • 3 Digital IO (5V)
  • 1 Mini Servo Port
  • 0.96" OLED Display
  • 1 Buzzer

The has a Atmega32U4 Controller.



You need to flash your SD card with the GraspIO OS.

Just follow the instructions here and your are good to go.


As mentioned in my Roadtest application instead of my traditional way of testing,

I wanted to build an home automation system using IFTTT and Google Assisstant,




Voice Command and Functionalities


Good MorningGreet back, Turn on light if room is dark. Room stats (Dust, Air Quality, Temperature) and Provide Suggestions
Good NightTurn OFF lights, Greet Back, Change RGB LED to mood
Bye ByeGreets back, Checks for Door sensor. If break in happens mails video capture and buzzer sirens
I'm HomeDisables Door Sensor, Greets Back, Turns on Fan and Light(based on the light sensor), Room Stats and Provide Suggestions


Tested all my sensors individually and moved on to integrate all.

Made all the modules for GraspIO and IFTTT

Soldered with Headers with sensors. Now starts with the issues



I have two android devices a Nexus 5 and a Tegra Note.

The Nexus 5 suggested for an app update and I did, and it started showing the board to be in offline.

While the Tegra Note was showing it to be online and I was able to upload simple programs, and when trying to upload programs with advanced blocks it started showing "No internet connection".




Used higher rating power supply to. Upgraded the firmware too, seems not to be fixed. I hope they fix it soon.

But every individual modules worked perfectly.


Luckily I tried out most of the examples before this issue and they were working perfect and I loved it.



Basically its a great add-on for your Raspberry pi image

  • Zero coding process
  • The easiest way to make IoT projects
  • Great User Guide and Documentation
  • IFTTT integration (which failed to work after a update).
  • Multi board accessing and uploading
  • Bright RGB LED
  • Supports both android and iOS (bad my Windows devices aren't supported image)
  • Support is actually good, you wont be notified with automated mails, only thing is they work on weekday. I mailed them on Friday and had to wait till Monday to see if they reply back.
  • What else? they support the latest Rpi 3 B+, but the mobile app doesn't have an update yet (should be rolling out soon)





Cons and things I thought it would be better if had been included:

  • Glitches after every update.
  • Grove Connectors instead of 3pin connector would be better.
  • Additional Prototyping space for Soldering Components would be useful for custom sensors would be really useful.
  • Mainly there need to be at least 1 or 2  additional Power pins (Vcc and GNDs)
  • On board Light and Temperature Sensors are unreliable, not sure if only I've this issue.
  • Frequent network disconnections, even on the closest range.
  • If you are running IFTTT Action block, "Upload program to board" won't support programs with loops and advanced blocks.
  • After shutdown, the board LED is ON which is fine, but the OLED stays ON too.


  • Can't combine different advanced blocks, "We've designed Advanced blocks to work this way" was the answer when I reached out the support. Much complex projects becomes tricky and costs you a lot of Cloud calls.


50k free Cloud calls and 100/day on completing the 50k, whats the catch?

So plan your projects if you wanna stay with the free 100 calls working with Advanced blocks wont be sufficient, these 100s are non cumulative, but nothing about the pricing for additional calls are mentioned anywhere.


Its a good piece of tech, a must have tool for kids to bring out their creativity and innovations and must have toy for the pros and IoT enthusiasts.



  • hello where can i get the graspIO os please

  • Hi ,


    Have responded back to your follow up mail.


    As you said " To run IFTTT as Action, you can just upload a project that has an IFTTT as Action block. You can create and save a more complex project in your account, and create an IFTTT applet that runs this saved project on your board ", but programs with advanced blocks and loops were unavailable to run.




  • Hi ,

    Never thought about it, its our people and I trust them image

  • Hello Sakthi,


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback on Cloudio. You make some very valid points, and we'll be sure to consider them for future development.

    Just wanted to clarify and assist with a few issues you mentioned -

    1. Design of the Advanced blocks & Network connection issues

    We'd designed with the below in mind. Each Advanced block is designed to provide a unique functionality ( that can of course, be combined with other non-Advanced blocks for designing your projects).

    You can however use more than one Advanced block of the same type (such as Voice, Schedule) in a single project.


    Uploading of Advanced blocks -

    Additionally, Advanced blocks, need the board to be connected to the Internet as they are Cloud-enabled blocks, and thus need a connection to connect to the GraspIO Cloud.


    2. Support for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ You can use the current version of the GraspIO Studio app with the latest Raspberry Pi version.

    Only the GraspIO OS needs to be updated to support the latest version.


    3. IFTTT (Action)

    To run IFTTT as Action, you can just upload a project that has an IFTTT as Action block. You can create and save a more complex project in your account, and create an IFTTT applet that runs this saved project on your board.


    Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.




  • I suggest that you remove the picture of the shipping box displaying your personal address.