GraspIO Cloudio + Raspberry Pi 3 - Review

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RoadTest: GraspIO Cloudio + Raspberry Pi 3

Author: habitat-domotique

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Test Equipment

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: the extension is very interesting, it allows to have access to several sensors, buzzer, LED RGB, OLED display, light, temperature, infrared, digital switchand more with 3 additionals ports. The use is intuitive with the visual block programming. No knowledge necessary, practical for school cases. Fast, intuitive and very visual, the application for smartphone gives an incomparable ease of access.

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The USB Twinkle didn't work the first time, I must repeat operation 3 time before it's work. I aso have troubles with IFTT integration. I know this is an error known by GraspIO services.

Detailed Review:



The card arrives in a beautiful black box with instructions. The set is very clean. We understand immediately that the card is compatible with raspberry and IFTTT.



For editing, it is very easy and well explained on the box. Just snap the card with the raspberry. I say rapsberry because the cart is compatible with the models 1, 2, 3 zero and zero W.

We note the small plastic screw that serves as a support to put the card properly on the connectors.

Out of curiosity, I will check  compatibility with other cards like banana pi.







Description from official website :


OLED Screen


Display real-time sensor values, custom text with stylized font, and playful emojis.


3 ADC Ports


Connect generic sensors and standard sensors like humidity, door, motion, etc.


On-board Sensors

IR, Light, Temperature, Switch

A useful selection of on-board sensors for that perfect out of box IoT experience.


3 Digital Output Ports


Ideal for breadboard circuits;
Connect relays for home automation related projects.


Mini Servo Motor Port

5V, 2.5/3.0

Interface an external servo motor to get things moving. Perfect for pan/ tilt, smart lock applications, etc.


RGB LED and Buzzer

16-bit colors | 5V

Play with light and color;
Add visual indicators, audio alerts and alarms to your projects.





  • Online User Guide

  • GraspIO Studio mobile Android

  • GraspIO Studio mobile iOS

  • GraspIO OS




  • GraspIO Board
  • Rasbperry Pi
  • Micro SD Card
  • Android or Apple smartphone or tablet




On this point also it is very easy. We start by preparing the SD card by formatting it.

  • We download the source image directly on the site of the manufacturer.
  • Then use the utility etcher or Win32DiskImager to install the image on the SD card.
  • We plug the graspio board on the raspberry.
  • Then we connect the network cable and the USB power supply.

And that's all for the moment. It takes several minutes for the card to update and restart.


As can be seen, the LED flashes and the display refines an indication of layout.

Once finished, a welcome message will appear.




For my part, I use an android smartphone. But I guess it's exactly the same thing under IOS.
For this we go to the market to download and install the application.
In a few minutes the application is installed and available.




And a new update for the board.




For the combination of raspberry with the phone, I used the USB cable.

Indeed the recognition in wire did not work. Once the USB cable is connected, a long press on the "GIO" button allows to associate the rapsberry to the phone.


A long press of "GIO" boutton and if it's ok, you obtain this screen.




You don't need  to learn how to program, just drag and drop the blocks. Yes really simple.

You have access multiple accessories and functions.

It's very complete, unfortunately at the time of the test, the IFTTT service sent me an error message. The bug is known and should be resolved quickly.




There is also a dashbord which allows us to recover the values of the sensors and to follow the operation of the rapsberry.

It can also be updated to disentace, stop it, restart it. Be careful when stopping the raspberry, it does not turn off the OLED screen. I got caught at the trap because the screen remained lit while the rapsberry was off.




GraspIO comes with 50 000 free cloud calls. After those free calls, you are allowed 100 free calls per day, if you need more you have to purchase a subscription.

Some actions cost more calls than others, It's something you have to consider before purchase the board. So be careful.

As you can see IFTTT and video cost a lot.

If you want more informations check the official website




The card is convenient and easy to use. Unfortunately the incorrectly positioned temperature sensor gives erroneous readings.

Apart from that the use with the smartphone is user-friendly. Block programming is quick to take in hand.

This is a good starting point to introduce children to programming and computer skills.
Aside from the paid service system, this remains a good investment.


Good points :

  • very cheap
  • easy to use even without knowledge in programming
  • OLED screen and various sensors

Negative points :

  • low accuracy of the temperature sensor
  • the system of paid services


Thanks see you soon.