Cool Tools: 34-Piece Maintenance Tool Kit - Review

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RoadTest: Cool Tools: 34-Piece Maintenance Tool Kit

Author: gsgill112

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Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Jackly Tool Kit, ScrewDriver Kit , Taparia Tools.

What were the biggest problems encountered?: none

Detailed Review:


First of all I would like to thank Element 14 for giving me a chance to Roadtest Cool Tools: 34-Piece Maintenance Tool Kit these are seriously some very useful tool kit that one must have on your bench. This will be a quick and short Review as their is nothing mush to speak about apart from the awesome quality and the collection of the tools.

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My Tools

So I thought before sharing, what we get in the lovely handheld package of Cool Tools 34. Let me showcase my talent in tools (which is not up to the mark )

{gallery} My Tools

Jackly 32 in 1 Set

Jackly 32 in 1 Set

Jackly 32 in 1 Set

Screw Driver Set

IScrew Driver Set with Extendor

Simple cheep Flathead screwdriver

Flathead tester

Another Flathead Tester

Flathead Screwdriver Long shaft


Nose Plier, I have a better one also though that also got rusty

I use it as a wire cutter, Though I have an Angle Cutter and a Wire stripper by Taparia Also


I have one with angled grip and another with pointed tip also



Cool Tools 34-Piece Maintenance Tool Kit


Moving Forward I was excited about this because they offered a set of really useful tools rather than the some useless tools I had collected over time .

It was unfortunate that I will not be able to post the UnBoxing video as the Drive I had the videos kept on got corrupted and I am pretty angry on MAC for that .


Nonetheless less Here's what I got

Lets get a bit more closer into a clasp of each tool you get

{gallery} Cool Tools



So, First of all the tools are very specific and can be used for common electronics repairs applications.  Do not mistake them with specific Electronics Repairs tools.


Pros :

The Built Quality is Great and Tools Look Solid. Only after a certain time testing them I will be able to say weather they wear off easily.


I personally liked the Mix or the Variety as I can use most of them for my Disassemblies and Teardowns.


I liked the way the Allen keys are in a keychain like form factor


Cons :

I would have liked inclusion of smaller 2mil jumpers, as they have a tendency of getting lost easily.


So, I would conclude by saying These are good quality tools specifically designed for computer repairs guy. So if you are out in the field repairing computers, commercial electronics equipment, you cannot go wrong in getting one of these packs, Plus they come in a handy bag


Thanks and Regards,

GS Gill