BinaryBots: TOTEMCRAB + micro:bit - Review

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RoadTest: BinaryBots: TOTEMCRAB + micro:bit

Author: meera_hussien

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?:

What were the biggest problems encountered?: One of the challenges that I see is when mounting the Totem Crab legs. It requires an adult help.

Detailed Review:

TotemCrab  + micro:bit


1. Introduction

2. What's In the Box?

3. Building the TotemCrab

4. Coding the TotemCrab

5. Value for Money

6. Conclusion


1. Introduction

First of all, I would like to thank element14 for choosing me as the roadtest for this product.

Below is the review of this product.


Only later I came to know that the BBC micro:bit board is supplied

by element14. Thank you element14 for the board.


I received the product, one week after the announcement was made. The shipment of the product was very fast.




2. What's In the Box?


Below is the unboxing video of the product.







The image of the product and the item inside the box is as shown in below image.




Inside the box, there were 2 small. One is the Totemcrab and the other is the BBC micor:bit.





This is the Totem crab box.


Next, we shall see what's inside the box.




This is all the item inside the Totemcrab box.




A better picture of all the item







The picture of BAG 1






The picture of BAG 2






The picture of BAG 3





The picture of BAG 4



This picture is the totemcrab electronic board




And lastly is the image of the totem screwdriver. The screwdriver is cool and also the cute small spanner.




This was all that comes together inside the TotemCrab.



Next, we will look into the assembling of the TotemCrab.




3. Building the TotemCrab


The manual provided with the product was very useful and easy to follow. I only feel that,

the background color of the manual can be a  lighter, in order for a better view.


The manual was written in a very good manner. There was more picture then word, which

makes it easy to follow. And more thing is that each of the bag content is separated according to the manual.

So, this avoids the confusion among the students on which parts to choose.


Below are the images of the building process. I have arranged the picture in a progressive way.




For Step 1 we use the item from Bag 1.


The first step of building the robot is to prepare the beam.






The next step is to attach the beam to the base of the robot together with

the L shape bracket.




For Step 2 we use the item from Bag 2.


Next, we, prepare another set of beams.







Side view of the beam






Installing the bracket to the beam






For the image below, the actual item provided was not the same. In the manual,

it is said that the "L" shape should be pointing toward the other side, but

the actual item which was provided is pointing toward a different direction.

Not sure which is right. But it is still possible to fix it to the beam.





This is the complete beam for installing the leg.







The image below shows the six legs we prepared.




The legs are attached to the beam.




For Step 3 we use the item from Bag 3.


Next, we prepare the body or cover of the robot.







This the complete body that we have finished.






This the BinaryBots Power Board






This is the BinaryBots Sensor Board





Attaching the BinaryBots Power Board to the body of the robot.





The bottom view of the robot







Attaching the BinaryBots Sensor Board on top of the robot.








Attaching the complete body of the robot.




For Step 4 we use the item from Bag 4.


Preparing the claw of the robot.






The complete set of the of the robot with the claw being attached.





Next is to prepare another set of the claw using two piece of triangle.


For this part, one of the nuts was missing. hence i need to look some other part which suits.

Luckily i found one in my inventory




Below is the completed TotemCrab robot.







Once all the parts are fixed, the last thing to do is to put the micro:bit into the BinaryBots Power Board provided slot.






4. Coding The TotemCrab



The first for the coding is to connect the board to the PC and get the driver updated. Once it is done,

go to . And start to code as per the manual.


There are 2 different methods to write a program for the TotemCrab.

  • the first is by using the block
  • and the second is by using python



Below is the video of how we can use the micro:bit online tool to write a program using block





And this is screenshot of the block coding

The image above is a simple program to run on the BBC micro:bit.




Below is the demonstration video of the BinaryBot Sensor Board.







And below is the video demonstration of the fully working Totem Crab.



For the above demonstration, we use the Python language to make our program.

Below is the screenshot of the code.




5. Value For Money


                   When we are looking at the cost over the product. I think it is a reasonable price considering the

quality of the product and the learning it has to offer. The BinaryBoards Power Board is capable of handling 3

motors. In our case, we just use one motor only. Moreover, it can be used as a standalone device without the

sensor board. And also the BinaryBots Sensor Board can be used to do a lot of fun activities.



6. Conclusion


                                        In conclusion, I feel that this product is a good product for kids who are just starting to

learn robotics. I strongly feel that the way Binary Bots presenting their products can attract the interest of kids.

And also the online material provided will are very helpful. And it is a good material/tool to be used in classroom.

There are so many things can be done using this kit. The one which I presented in this review is the very basic

level. In the future, I will make a more complex task, and post it on my blog.

                                        The other thing which I think can be improvised is to have a continuation of the robot. For

instance, there can be the next level for Totem Crab whereby it has more advanced feature.



Lastly, I would like to thank element14 for choosing me to review this product.




Thank you.