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RoadTest: Cellular Network Analyser

Author: greenans

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Evaluation Type: Test Equipment

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Full Spectrum Analysers or the previous model

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The main issue is the speed and also the lives scan function only displays signal level as a percentage - Would useful if the -dBm readings were also provided. The battery life is poor and seems to discharge when not in use. Hence full charge is needed in advance of a survey being carried out. This could be improved i feel.

Detailed Review:

Siretta Cellular Signal Strength Data Logger




This is my first roadtest review on element14. I have carried out this roadtest with this unit carrying out surveys and installations of cellular repeater systems for clients. I have included results and surveys from a recent installation. I have found this device to be very useful in this setup due to compact size and weight. Normally we would use a full spectrum analyser which is larger and not as portable.



Device Overview


The SNYPER-LTE Graphyte is a high performance, multi-language network signal analyser and cellular signal logger, dedicated to surveying and logging cell networks. The unit can be left to conduct sequential surveys in a fixed location and automatically save them. Four types of survey can be performed: a “FULL” survey (4G, 3G and 2G), 4G/LTE only, 3G/UMTS only & 2G/GSM only.


The SNYPER-LTE Graphyte can save multiple surveys each with different logging options. All survey results can be downloaded to a PC and displayed in a HTML graphical format to clearly show the logged detail over the survey session. This can identify unreliable base-stations & intermittent cellular service which is not possible with spot surveys. The full breakdown for the HTML summary graphs are displayed in corresponding CSV files.


The SNYPER-LTE Graphyte also incorporates Siretta’s leading liveSCAN feature, which allows you to select a base-station signal immediately after a survey, conduct a liveSCAN logging session which can later be analysed in a CSV logged recording.






The SNYPER-LTE Graphyte (EU Model) is a signal analyser for logging of cellular signal strength available in the survey area over various networks and operators. The Snyper Graphyte can carry out single surveys or multiple surveys up to 500 cycles if required which allows the signals to be monitored in case of dropouts etc over time. The surveys are then averaged out and results saved and presented in .HTM and .CSV files with the results logged and can then be downloaded once a survey is completed. The liveScan feature allows the user to select one of the networks found and using the directional live scan aerial the direction of the basestation can be determined. This feature is invaluable in the environment we are using it to align outdoor antennas feeding into the building repeater systems require a correctly aligned antenna.





I tested the unit at a location that required a cellular repeater to be installed due to poor mobile coverage inside a building. The



  • Enhanced cellular surveying & sequential logging of new and existing installations on 4G/3G/2G networks
  • User selectable logging options to determine most reliable mobile operator
  • Evaluate MNO’s performance over time
  • Determine “hotspots” & assist with antenna alignment with liveSCAN
  • Results are reported in CSV & graphical HTML format
  • Save over 100 logged surveys with multiple liveSCAN log


Unboxing & Contents:




       The case above contains the following components:

  • 1x Siretta SNYPER GRAPHYTE analyser
  • 1x Siretta analyser holder/bracket
  • 1x black omni wide band antenna for normal measurements
  • 1x grey omni antenna optimized for 2.6 GHz LTE measurements only
  • 1x Tripod which screws into the holder
  • 1x car charger
  • 1x long USB cable
  • 1x short USB cable
  • 1x Antenna cable for adding the directional antenna (SMA male to SMA male)
  • 1x directional antenna
  • 1x wall charger with multiple adapters


The unit needs to be charged fully before first use and can take a while to fully charge. Also the battery seems to discharge when in storage so needs to be monitored.




The Siretta Snyper-lte analyser was fully charged and brought to client site to survey current cellular signal issues a client was experiencing with view to installing a repeater system throughout the building to improve mobile coverage across all 2G/3G/4G networks.


The unit is best plugged in to usb charger is multipe surveys cycles are being carried out to avoid battery failure. Below are some of the results from a survey carried out at a client site. Once you power on the unit you select the survey option from the screen, then select the type of survey you require. The options are Full, LTE Only, UMTS only or GSM only depending on what you require. In this case we needed to carry out full survey to check what operators and frequencies that needed to be covered by the repeater system.


You then have the option to select the number of survey cycles you want to carry out, this would be to ensure the signals are ok over a period of time and not fading etc. Once completed it saves the files in .csv and .htm formats which can be then be downloaded to pc or results viewed on screen. The results will be displayed with cell towers numbered from strongest signals to the weakest over the various 2G/3G/4G bands.






Above is the .csv report of the 4G base stations picked up in the client location during the survey. Below is the .htm version which can be uploaded to the Cloud Survey which allows the base stations to be plotted on a map. For privacy reasons i have not included screenshots of the generated maps. The map dsplays locaton of the SNYPER test unit and base stations in the locality with signal logs showing performance. Signal strengths are displayed on bar charts to provide a visual aid.



What you can then do is select the strongest base station and using  live scan along with directional antenna to check the exact direction towards the base station. In our scenario we can then install the repeater receive antenna in the correct direction to the required base station.





I find the product very useful piece of kit and overall i would be positive towards it. The main issues i have are battery life and speed of the surveys which maybe could be enhanced. Also the live scan feature while handy seems to be slight delay when moving antenna to the signal levels reflecting this. Overall great product and the cloud survey mapping feature is an excellent feature to have.