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RoadTest: RoadTest Review the TI LMZ36002EVM

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Simple Switcher Power Module LMZ36002EVM




LMZ36002EVM is a synchronous buck switching mode power module with input voltage range of 4.5V to 60V and output current up to 2A.

Getting Started:



Video review:




Measuring Power Efficiency:

The way I tested the power efficiency is by supplying 3 different input voltages (10v,20v,40v) and testing the output power within 3 different loads with three current values (0.5A,1A,2A).

1. I set the adjustable DC voltage source to 10v on TB1 input and then set the load on the output TB2 to 0.5A then get the input current from the power source after setting the load on.

2. Ste P1 to 2.5V and P2 to 300 kHz.

3. Calculate the input power Pin=V x I watt.

4. Read the output values: Vout, Iout, Pout

5. Calculate the power efficiency:

Power Efficiency = Pout/Pin

I followed the same methodology with all the possible outputs on P1 (2.5V, 3.3V,5V,6V,7.5V) then I used the resulted values to draw a power efficiency chart with the three Input voltages and another one with all the possible output voltages see figure 1 and figure 2 below.


Figure (1) – Power Efficiency Vin= (10V,20V,40V)


Figure (2) – Power Efficiency all possible Vout values



Figure (3) Power Measurement sheet.






Measuring Noise:

Measuring noise will include Switching Ripple Noise and Transient Noise.


Switching Ripple Noise:

Connect the Oscilloscope probe on channel 1 to J2 using short ground wire.


The measured noise is about 20.8mV


Transient Noise:

Using the same testing technique by connecting the short ground probe to the output TB2 I had a noise frequency of 384.6 MHz.


I will be doing a stability measurement test later and then I am going to use the power module in an application test to run a robot "Renbot", an additional video will be posted on my channel later "Robotics4Fun" with a video detailed testing review and robotic application.


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