HARTING preLink® Ethernet Connection System - Review

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RoadTest: HARTING preLink® Ethernet Connection System

Author: mnitin59

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Compared to other Product, this is what Harting have amazing sets and all materials required for wire assembly and connection techniques. This technology simplifies cabling, saves installation time and enables extensions and conversions without incurring significant interruptions of ongoing operations.

What were the biggest problems encountered?: 1) The biggest problem was getting crimp tool which become defective or if the crimps are of poor quality the cable was getting some connectivity issue. 2) Productivity of time consuming for assembling wire was low. 3) Professional Tools are high cost and can't be afforded for consumer. 4) We want to do was for going from the wall sockets to a patch panel and following the proper wiring scheme but was not getting proper sockets for it.

Detailed Review:

First, I would like to thank Harting and Element14 for giving a pleasant opportunity as a Roadtester. I have being working with Harting preLink Ethernet System Product about 2-3 Months and its working Awesome and smoothly without giving any problem or maintenance on product.

Product Review :-
HARTING Ha-VIS Prelink Product was received systematically from courier.   


                                      Fig 1.1 Product Received with well packing



                                                    Fig 1.2 Product Unboxing

                          Fig 1.3  Safety papers and airbags for protection for the product

                                              Fig 1.4 Harting suitcase and crimping tool box 


               Fig 1.5 Opened the Product with checking all the component were at right place.


         The package was well boxed in a hard cover, wrapped paper and folding case. The crimper came in a fitted cardboard box. Upon opening the hard cover case I was treated to a very well laid out selection of different connectors and cables. It was also provided a well designed and attractive booklet with all the different network products Harting which had to offer with all the specification and using methods.


                                                         Fig 1.7 Unboxing Crimp box


                                                             Fig 1.8 Crimping Tool kit


The Harting Ha-VIS Pre-linked Product is designed for use with a wide range of mating faces such as RJ45, rated at IP20, RJ45 PushPull according to IP65/67 or M12, thereby opening up a wealth of opportunities and potential for users which are in the cabling assembly and working in networking solution. The product has a complete solution for implementing Ethernet cabling. 



2 ) Product :-
As the Kit provide all the materials and source for the users which any person can read and start working with assembly techniques. The have a high profile of interfacing and corresponding junction boxes with crimping tool.



                                            Fig 2.1 Overview of the Kit materials 

Shown fig 2.1 has listed with the case inside Information Booklet and product modules and sub-module with wires and connectors. 

                                                         Fig 2.2 Component showcase



                 Fig 2.3 Types of ready assembled and tested system cables and termination block


                                                            Fig 2.4 Harting Kit Booklet


                          Fig 2.5 Booklet with detailed Information on the product


                                Fig 2.6 Pre-link Cable 0.2m 4 Pole Cat 6A


                           Fig 2.7 Pre-link cable with termination block 4 poles two sided


                                                        Fig 2.8 Pre-link RJ45 Jack
This is the standarised keystone-format which fits for 19" patch panel and outlets, where it has built-in protective cover. the jack get connect with cable through termination block AWG 24- AWG22.


                                      Fig 2.9 Pre-Link RJ45 with Cat 6 Cable




                 Fig 2.10 Han Pushpull (V14) preLink RJ45 Connector 

         Fig 2.11 Han Pushpull (V14) with PROFINET and AIDA which also has locking mechanism



                              Fig 2.12 Termination blocks coupling PreLink Extender


                    Fig 2.13 Han Pushpull Bulkhead mounted housing for HIFF Modules


                                                            Fig 2.13 DIN Rail Outlet


                                        Fig 2.14 PreLink M12 Housing Connector


                                   Fig 2.15 PreLink M12 D- Coded Connector


                                      Fig 2.16 PreLink Cable 4 Pole, CAT 5



                                            Fig 2.17 PreLink Assembly tool


                    Fig 2.18 Crimping Hand tool opened die for work


                   Fig 2.19 Insert the plug assembly with termination block in die
Crimping hand tools are used for linking modular plug. Using the crimping of any object can result in damaging the tool so be careful with working this tool.



                 Fig 2.20 List of other connector and application use



The main aspect of this application is connecting the world with all digital cable in Industrial, Automobile and automotive, packaging Industry, Metro Railways, Airport, Computer world, Servers racking, etc


I really loved this product and I would be changing my wiring over to through Harding system tools and also help IT industry with this device and recommend for taking this product as its very easy and work great with any user from beginner to become pro for cable assembling technician.


Thank you