Infineon 3-Phase Motor Drive EVB with FOC - Review

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RoadTest: Infineon 3-Phase Motor Drive EVB with FOC

Author: diabloi

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Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?:

What were the biggest problems encountered?: Unfortunately, I was not able to communicate the software to configure the board with the board.

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Gate Driver: I soldered three connectors to connect the axial fan in an easy way.

The board is compact, unfortunately, I would have expected to have connectors on the phases to be able to connect and disconnect the motor in a simple way.




  1. Getting Started:
  2. Evaluation Board Manual:…
  3. XMC Link:
  4. Axial Fan:



Tools & Software

To use the evaluation board it is necessary to install 3 software which is listed in The getting started manual.



The first software (MCE WIZARD) is necessary to configure the parameter for the motor control. following the steps, you will generate the file to load in the second software (MCEDesigner).

the first problem is inherited which kind of file is necessary to open. Unfortunately, the presentation to start to use the software is calibrated on another kit.


At the end of the process, you export the ".txt" file with the parameters you have set, then you can load it into the MCDesigner software,

Connect the XMC Link at the laptop and supply the Evaluation board.

When you open the MCEDesigner, and upload the firmware for the "Infineon-MCE_IMC101T-T038-Firmware-v01_03-EN", appear the error message.



This is the error, checking these three points I didn't find a solution


Solution for the connection:

As discussed in this forum (suggested by ), following this procedure is possible to resolve the problem of the connection.

Otherwise, you can try the following procedure.

  1. connect and power the board to 230V
  2. connect XMC to PC
  3. start the MCDesign software


In an attempt to run the engine I tried different configurations in setting the engine parameters. but none of them worked.

To date, I have not been able to get the engine running. The documentation does not correspond with current procedures.